Swizz Beatz on Drake’s Album: ‘Expect the Unexpected’

Swizz Beatz warns us that we should “expect the unexpected” when it comes to Drake’s debut album Thank Me Later. Swizzy produced a couple tracks for Drizzy, and while he wouldn’t reveal who is featured on them, he did offer this: “The features on the track is crazy. You’re gonna be like, ‘What? Who? When? Why? How?’”

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  1. Ryno

    calm down about Ciara and read the actual post. Otherwise, don’t click on it.


  2. brice

    it’s a drake topic,not ciara
    i’m tired of the ciara stans everywhere on this site……


  3. Vinicius

    Beyoncé? *-*


  4. Micernest

    If its Alicia keys it wont b a big surprise, so my guess is either Chris Brown or Eve. That’ll blow ppl away. Anyway i cant wait!


  5. GeeGee

    Kieley Williams?


  6. CRyno39

    @brice, I second that. Its ciara madness everywhere, even when it isn’t her post. So annoying


  7. bread

    homewrecka on skates

    thats all I gotta say about that


  8. Nathi

    Lets hope


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