Rap-Up TV Interviews Brandy and Ray J: Part 3

In the final (and our favorite) part of Rap-Up TV’s interview with Brandy and Ray J, the famous siblings make us laugh while spilling about their love lives (Is Brandy dating Flo Rida? And which of her friends did she hook Ray J up with?) and their celebrity crushes.

They also answer whatever questions we throw at them, including biggest turn offs, the most famous names in their cell phones, favorite Young Money stars, and Justin Bieber vs. the Jonas Brothers. And what did Ray J say that made Brandy jump out of her chair?

Make sure to catch Brandy, Ray J, and the rest of the Norwood family on VH1′s “Brandy & Ray J: A Family Business,” premiering this Sunday at 9 p.m. ET/PT.

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  1. theresa_keys

    wow…they are so close..love them


  2. Dizzle

    OMG she confesses about Flo-Rida! hahah i knew it hahaha go Brandy ;P


  3. Angel in disquise

    I love that Bran bigged up Monica – talent recognising talent


  4. Phoenix_Wright

    This one was the funniest lol. They are too cool.


  5. Kyle

    They seem like cool siblings. I wish their show the best of luck, which I’m sure it will do pretty well in terms of ratings.


  6. @Soul_head

    Lololol! They’re so crazy, and I’ll be watching the show come Sunday.


  7. What?

    “I already crushed her” LMAO!!! That was a good one! They kind of annoy me though, I mean like the last comment by Ray was uncalled for imo, leave the lil dude alone. Stop worrying about who some lil kid is “crushing”, and him saying that someone is a man… He seems less of a man than his sister, her vice all deep and sh*t.


  8. Lil' Nello

    LMAO that shit was to funny! I think we all know who Ray J talking about to lol “I already crushed her!”


  9. Trey



  10. Gavin Thomas

    great interview!! wow :)


  11. Aaliyah

    Brandy n ray j are kool luv u guys mawh… y’all funny tho i couldnt stop laughtin damn


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