Alicia Keys Eyes ‘Freedom’ Re-Release

Alicia Keys

After closing out the North American leg of her “Freedom” tour over the weekend, Alicia Keys is already planning her next moves, which may include a re-release of her latest album.

“We have been having conversations and talks about that,” Keys exclusively told when asked if a re-release of her fourth effort The Element of Freedom was in the future. “That’s still a conversation at this point, but it’s looking like it will happen.”

The Grammy winner said she would like to “add some incredible new songs and collaborations onto the re-release,” one of those potentially being a remix to her new single “Un-thinkable (I’m Ready).” Just last week, Keys revealed to that she was delaying her “Put It in a Love Song” video with Beyoncé to release the Drake-assisted single. She is also set to film a video for the record this week in Los Angeles with director Jake Nava.

The Element of Freedom debuted at No. 2 when it was released in December and has since gone platinum in the United States.

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  1. Rude Boy #1 since 5 weeks

    Internationally it doesn’t go well for her at all. Rihanna only out since 2005 and is definitely the BIGGER star!


  2. VLB

    Hope Alicia does a Re-Release I think this album can be bigger that it already is with a re-vamp . The person who posted the comment above me you need your head testing boi


  3. dan

    hate re-releases!
    you kick your fans in the ass with re-releases!


  4. VaunTV

    @Rude Boy #1 since 5 weeks — Who cares about that.. this is about Alicia, please hush case all your gonan do is start ppl to talkin ish abotu my RiRi.

    Anyway, i LOVED the album and w/ a revamp and a big hit single, it could really move some more units.


  5. sam

    a “doesnt mean anything’ part 2…i think id die lol i love that song too much!!


  6. missingBeyonce



  7. Baron

    I’m not a fan of re-releases. Dan is right – they are a slap in the face to the ones who purchased your album on the original release date. I never buy re-releases, not even Beyonce’s (who I love).


  8. LadySheamus

    I could ask why they do this but I already know why. This kind of thing could hurt initial sale due to the fact that there are actually some buyers out there who REFUSE to buy right away, and will instead wait for the re-release. It’s irritating to buyers who get it when I first comes out. It’s like Special, Ultimate, Why Haven’t You Bought This Yet editions of movies. Smh


  9. Micernest

    AK is my Girl n i know she isnt like them other narrow minded celeb so it isnt just a business strategy. Besides Element of Freedom was kinda rushed at d end leavin out the Empire State Of Mind remix with JayZ,am also certain she left out some other collabos from the first edition. So imma buy it when its out.


  10. Rhino

    I think she NEEDS to re-release it…”Element of Freedom” is her worst album yet (both critically and commercially)-but that’s NO INSULT TO THIS ALBUM, JUST A COMPLIMENT TO HER PRIOR ONES (This album is still EXCELLENT, it’s just her past discography was more excellent!)

    Just skip the re-release and go to your fifth to rebound-sometimes, a flop is what you truly need to follow up with something classic (by AK’s standards, that was a flop)


  11. BiBi

    Rihanna’s the bigger star but ELEMENT OF FREEDOM has sold more in the US to date and also had a bigger 1st week sales – not to mention ELEMENT OF FREEDOM came out after RATED R. Ummm Okay!


  12. Marquis

    Yes BiBi! well Said ….The Element Of Freedom Shits On Rated R!…


  13. missingBeyonce



  14. hmm

    Alicia is much better singer than Rihanna.
    And Rated R has sold 800k, which is much less than Alicia’s. TEOF breaks 1.2m copies in US, and 600k only in UK.


  15. hmm

    and Rihanna has never been bigger star than Alicia.
    AK is the top 5 billboard aritst of last decade, and she got 12 grammys.
    As I Am breaks 740k on it’s first week with smash of No One. TEOF breaks 420k without any hits, ur bigger star’s Rated R sold 180k on it’s first week, and that’s the biggest opening for her,


  16. takeAdrinkHaters

    I really think its a g00d idea..I love Teof. but n0ne of its singles did that well..N0t even Tswabh, which I thought was epic and 0ne of Alicia’s best singles im0..S0 a re-release w0uldnt hurt cause all she usually needs is 0ne massive hit. I h0pe its has m0re like five s0ngs th0..s0mething like what Gaga did..0r id rather just d0wnload em f0r free.


  17. Lellow (;

    I really think that Alicia Keys re-establish the element of freedom, only this time we should put
    Songs old as Jane Doe, Tender Love and Mr.Man Caged Bird and it’s awesome! And I think it will be wonderful . Keep it up diva !


  18. Markusx

    Re-releases are a bit of a slap in the face. This album is doing incredible things for Alicia in my homeland (the UK). It hit number one and has been in the top 10 albums since January and selling thousands! Roughly about 700,000 i think. But with no major hit singles in the US, maybe she could do with a re-release. The album is incredible, my favourite of hers by far!


  19. Hadley

    Hope she collaborates with Lady Gaga. That will be coooool


  20. James

    J Records purchased most of element ..
    Especially 2nd week on charts .. that 280k is false numbers !!!
    Don’t care about her affair with Swizz !!
    This is about Clive Davis little shiny prodigy losing her luster .. think about it ..
    (he spent 20 million to break her in the industry)
    Clive also made sure she won all those Grammys in 2002 !!
    Bottom line .. J Records want their money back .. so think of this re-release as a BANK BAIL OUT !!


  21. #!Fan

    How the hell Rihanna a bigger star than Alicia Keys. Alicia Keys don’t need publicity stunts to sell a record. 30 Million+ records to be exact


  22. U.

    Unfortunately Alicia struggled with this one overall. Reasons this CD did not do as great is b/c 1. The whole dance craze. 2. Material was not as strong as one would thought. I hope the music game is all fair game at some point and the whole dance vibe stops soon. Tough luck Alicia since this era was not good from the beginning and your sales have faded compared to other records except it’s doing better in the U.K without any huge hit at all. Ur still a big R&B star no matter what happens (not a huge ww pop star). I think she needs to do another album and forget about this re release.


  23. cristhian

    i luv alicia, and she and rihanna are different, i don’t like rihanna, her music is very commercial, and plastic. the element of freedom is amazing, and a re-release isn’t necessary


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