Lady Gaga Storms Japan, Advocates Celibacy

Lady Gaga

It wasn’t Godzilla, but the monster known as Lady Gaga invaded Tokyo’s Narita International Airport on Monday (April 12) for the Japanese leg of her “Monster Ball” tour. The “Telephone” singer towered in black platform heels, while toting a Hermes bag with the message “I love small monster, Tokyo love.”

The provocative star recently revealed that she is celibate and supported abstinence among her fans. “I can’t believe I’m saying this—don’t have sex. I’m single right now and I’ve chosen to be single because I don’t have the time to get to know anybody,” she said. “So it’s OK not to have sex, it’s OK to get to know people. I’m celibate, celibacy’s fine.”

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  1. queen beyonce

    LMFAOOOOOO ridiculous but i luv it


  2. AAA

    Love her


  3. MakeHimFeelGood

    Look at this fool.



    can u tell ashanti hi
    that ashanti and nelly songs was cute but i think she should rap in it.–
    and i don’t like how they set up her page–that do suck.
    now i am sick
    there a song and video 4 that
    Bell Biv DeVoe – When Will I See You Smile Again?
    man i am so sick right now–lady gaga you are cute


  5. Ghetto Fab

    I hope you all know this girl walks out of her house in nothing less than haute couture. The only other person on her level in the fashion game is Rihanna. She’s the only other one that gets to wear the best stuff from the designers. So whether you all like the shit she wears or not, she is now considered a fashion icon. Who mad? lol


  6. Giselle

    I agree with her. Get to know someone before you have sex!


  7. Jeffery J-Boe

    I Agree Too @Giselle, and @Make Him Feel Good, Shut The Hell Up… Lady GaGa Is Finally Putting Some Sense Into The Youth Mainstream Of Society About Abstinence, and Sex… Saying It’s Okay Not To Have Sex, Until You’re Ready, and Not Because Other People Are Doing It… I’m So Happy For Her For This… Lady GaGa For 2010.


  8. LadySheamus

    I will tell you right now – here in Japan, that outfit is not strange in THE LEAST.

    Her comment w/regard to celibacy is the only thing that she’s ever said that I agree with. That being said, it is hypocritical IN THAT if you produce things which produce feelings which make people want to have sex and then they do – I think it strange to turn around and tell people they shouldn’t. Girls are looking at that and want to be like that image b/c men are told that is what is sexy. You only have to listen to teenagers/find out what they do to know. And no, I am NOT saying that to hate (some people don’t know the difference) but to be honest about what I THINK. My sober and non-hating, logical opinion.


  9. LadySheamus

    And to add, I think it good that given her level of exposure and her ability to reach so many young people it’s good for her to share that message – whether people agree or not. There’s no harm in NOT being promiscuous.


  10. Kevin

    Desperate ploy for attention much? No one needs to know if she’s having sex or not. Although it’s a good message to send; she’s hardly someone to listen to anyway after she told Barbara Walters she’s had sex with women but never been in love with a woman. It contradicts everything she’s stands for.


  11. Melanie

    lmao @ the “I can’t believe I’m saying this – don’t have sex” part. I love her.


  12. mississiy

    that outfit is SICK!!! GAGAGAGAGA!!


  13. Liss

    Nice wig! should wear that one more often! Liked the outfit..minus the shoes, some sado iiish :P


  14. alina

    My one-year-old sister adores Gaga)


  15. missingBeyonce

    she look nice she should just keep wearing wig like that and the yellow hair have to go cant wait for her third alBum this year and to Be fair rihanna wore this shoes in rude Boy not throwing shades here


  16. Baller82

    shes definalty talented…. but shes lost so much weight is doesnt make her look attractive at all…


  17. elchica

    This chick is crazy lol..whats with that pose in most of the pics? I love her though for just being different! Very talented but idk what the hell she is wearing but it makes me laugh so it’s all cool!


  18. gab

    i love her


  19. drtash

    “Don’t have sex”LOL!!I like her and all but is she serious???No offence but she forgot one important rule…PRACTICE WHAT YOU PREACH!!! How are you gonna be like oh celibacy….when a lot of your videos have you with your legs open like what was that song…disco stick or something where she’s supposedly nude in between two guys and she’s got her legs up in the air talking about “I wanna take a ride on your disco stick”…if anything she’s THE LAST PERSON ON EARTH that should be promoting this cause it’s very hypocritical.Sorry my opinion.


  20. wie schminken

    Personally I think lady gaga uses way to much make up. She would be great even without any make up. But everybody has his own style.


  21. Thor A. Sapchalat

    That is SO 1990s. As in: Sonic the Hedgehog says “Wait until marriage!”


  22. flopy

    para mi es una diosa.. me encanta su look es super original.. aunq por ahi un poco cargado pero esta copado.. aguante lady gaga..


  23. lukasbernardo

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  24. franzraimund

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