Rihanna Shoots ‘Rockstar 101’ Video, Rehearses with Travis Barker

Rihanna and Travis Barker

Rihanna bands together with rocker Travis Barker in the video for “Rockstar 101,” the fourth single from her Rated R album, shot in Los Angeles over the weekend. The Blink-182 drummer was also on set of the rehearsals for her “Last Girl on Earth” tour and was impressed with the pop star’s drumming skills, as evidenced by the video below.

“She’s awesome,” he said. “I haven’t seen anyone catch on that quick in quite a while and have that kind of ear for drums or rhythm, so I was stoked that she could really play the drums.”

While Barker was happy to lend a hand, Mötley Crüe bassist Nikki Sixx declined an invitation to appear in RiRi’s video. “Rihanna just asked me to be in her video for ‘Rockstar,’” he tweeted. “I respectfully said no. What do you guys think?”

Travis Barker and Rihanna

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  1. VaunTV

    DOPE Lovees it


  2. tell'em

    Sick!! Shes actually pretty good.


  3. Giselle

    “He’s trying to adjust my shit.” LOL I love her.


  4. boom.boom.PAW!

    She trying extremely too hard.
    You’re still a ROCK STAR POSER Rihanna.
    Thats why Mötley Crüe said “NO!” because shes a gimmick.


  5. elchica

    I think it’s cool she is learning something new and different!


  6. Brown Sugar



  7. ...

    I thought Usher was #1 on the Billboards! I don’t think they are hating, they just don’t want to be on the pity party bandwagon anymore.


  8. Dizzle

    WOW she is goooood!!! i cant wait for tha tour RiRi :) <3


  9. sagb

    i think she should of sticked with te amo as the 4th single


  10. Rap*

    shes good. Do your thing riri


  11. WhatTheF

    The Queen still reigning on the Hot 100.



  12. Liss

    She’s not a rock chick, she’s a girl doin r&b – pop. But hey nice try


  13. missingBeyonce



  14. missingBeyonce



  15. RihannaLover

    @… and boom.boom.PAW! – What pity party are you talking about?! Rihanna is multi-faceted and has sung songs in a lot of musical genres and has done them very well! How is she a poser because she’s learning the drums?! She’s improving her craft and I applaud her! She’s a rock star that is ruling the charts! In case you haven’t noticed, the term “rockstar” these days is not only used for only rock musicians!!! Keep hating! She’s still at the top!!! Buh-Bye!!!


  16. @ RihannaLover

    Are you serious? Everything you said, not! Like they both said, pity party!!! Buh-Bye to you, lamo.


  17. boom.boom.PAW!

    stop clit riding, rihanna is garbage. Everything shes doing is fake, and poser-ish. In case you didn’t know, nothing about Rihanna is authentic, its all a gimmick and generic. A stupid stan like yourself is too delusional to see that. I bet you thought she played the guitar on AI too huh? Stupid azz haha. And the only genres Rihanna has done is reggae,pop and R&b so quit acting like shes dabbed in so many genres because thats a lie from the pits of hell.


  18. partTiMELuVa

    n0w she tryna b p!nk. gorl u lame.


  19. LadySheamus

    I like ‘Photographs’ would have been nicer to release next but it’s their choice.


  20. LadySheamus

    Some people are so limited/ignorant that they would prefer an artist keep putting out the same music and then would STILL complain about them for THAT VERY REASON.


  21. Kevin

    I love seeing singers stretch themselves and really get instrumental in their performances. And don’t hate on her for getting out her rock side, give her props for trying! P.S. Nikki Sixx is dumb for not accepting her invite. W.T.F’s he doing with his days? L.O.L.


  22. Curtis

    Quit hating stupid niggas Rihanna is the shit


  23. bodacious



  24. bodacious

    as i type rih is packe and ready to kick off her world wide tour,,while @BOOM,BOOM is sitting in front of a computer talking about she trying to hard ,,,, well hon,,,, trying hard is what got her a “SOLD OUT EUROPEAN LEG OF HER TOUR” what have your broke azz got?????


  25. bodacious

    we get it , theres a lot of people who have negative slime to throw at rih , but guess what aint none of it sticking,,,, keep trying to hold her down ,,,, RIHANNA IS #1 WORLD WIDE #1 ON THE TOP 100 CHARTS,,,#1RADIO,,,,#1RINGESTONES,,,,,#2 ,,DIGITAL,,,#3,,R&B,,,#5,,,POP AND ALL I WANT TO KNOW IS WHOS MADD???????????????????


  26. bodacious

    rih says buckle up , shes ready to take yall for the ride of your lives!!!!


  27. bodacious

    for a island girl who started from stratch ,,,, and very humble surrounding , she has done very good for herself ,,,,, and from where i am sitting those 02 arenas over seas are like huge ,,,huge and she has sold out both of them ,,,, THE EUROPEAN LEG IS “SOLD OUT YALL”,,,, be happy for the long legged super star from bajan culture!!!!!! don’t hate “MOTIVATE”


  28. bodacious

    rihanna knows that she can’t stop people from talking negative mess , but she can stop giving them something to talk about !!!!!!


  29. bodacious

    rih keep letting your “HATERS BE YOUR MOTIVATOR”


  30. TeeTop

    “i think she should of sticked with te amo as the 4th single”

    Agreed. At first when it was “confirmed” that Te Amo was the next single I was like NOOOOOOO! It’s been out for too long. But then I was anticipating a fresh music video. As far as Rockstar 101 being a single, not excited one bit.


  31. Bobby B

    Haters can keep on hating cuz she’s #1 on Billboard’s Hot 100 for FIVE straight weeks.


  32. AJ

    Wow. She thinks she’s a rockstar now? Holy crap, she’s as delusional as Lil’ Wayne. It wouldn’t be annoying if Rockstar actually was a rock song. Sure, the instruments are rocky, to which I blame Slash, but Rhianna’s vocals aren’t. She’s still singing in the rnb/pop genre, therefore she is NOT a rockstar. And being #1 really doesn’t change that, no matter how much you fans think.


  33. triniqueenz

    why can an artist challenge themselfves thats al rih is doing why so much hating life is to short i am proud of her keep challenging yourself rih you will get were u want to be haters are motivaters look at obama a lot hating on him he is still the pres doing his thing and so is rih


  34. Bryant

    Rih has done more than just pop rb and reggae she has done synth dance euro dubstep….. So keep on hating Rated R doesnt even have to sell 8mil and rih can still have a sold out tour who mad lol


  35. hehe

    I find it funny when I see Bajans comment on anything about Rihanna.
    Same stupid dialect!

    Bajan women follow her every move. I’ve seen so much Rihanna clones its insane. The seem to use her for every aspect in their look. If she changes her hair this week and then next week, so does everyone else. Unoriginal :|

    Plus, she is trying to hard to have the “rocker” look in my opinion.


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