Video: Melanie Fiona – ‘Ay Yo’

Melanie Fiona

Fresh off Alicia Keys’ “Freedom” tour, Melanie Fiona sings to keep a roof over her head in the video for “Ay Yo,” the inspirational anthem from her debut album The Bridge.

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  1. Kyle

    jasadjd;adaldkjaljda this has been my favorite Melanie Fiona song for quite some time now. It’s so inspirtational and the video really captures that as well. Ms. Fiona is sure to gain more fans, especially those who are limited for only knowing her hit “It Kills Me.” Such a great artist. TEAM MELANIE FIONA.


  2. klip

    love this girl ….she is really a true talent and i love her hustle. keep up the good work Ms. Fiona….


  3. mal

    love her tone


  4. Linda

    Such an amazing talented caring artist. People should look up to this women. I hope she is on 106 & Park when they premiere this video because its just so inspirational and needs the proper speech by Melanie herself to go along with it. Nobody can hate on this video…NOBODY. if u do hate on this, what does say about yourself


  5. AalexisR (The Bahamas)



  6. Lil' Nello

    Amazing song & video from Melanie. Love the scene on the rooftop a lot & she reminds me a little of Alicia to with how talented and inspirational she’s on this.


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