Chrisette Michele & Teyana Taylor Cut Their Hair, Pharrell Loses the Mustache

Chrisette Michele

Chrisette Michele traded in her short ’do for a more natural look first seen during the earlier part of her career. “I’d been thinking about doing this for about a year,” the Grammy-winning songstress told “I cut my hair for freedom, not for beauty.”

Peep Teyana Taylor and Pharrell’s latest looks below.

Teyana Taylor

Teyana Taylor didn’t go as far as Chrisette, partially lopping off one side of her hair. The cut was a tribute to her cousin, who passed away last week. “My lil cousin use to always tell me he wanted to see how i looked wit my hair cut but still big,” she tweeted. “I wish he was here to see my new cut. I did it for him.”


Pharrell finally said goodbye to his mustache. The N.E.R.D. frontman, who turned 37 last week, performed the band’s new single “Hot & Fun” this weekend at Yuri’s Night Bay Area 2010. Watch here.

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  1. fi

    pharrell is a pretty boy!
    give me 30 minutes and he will be the hottest drag in his town!



    they all lookin good.. glad pharrell ditched the mustache! he looked like some speedy gonzalez shit before.


  3. WhatTheF

    Teyana looks stupid.
    Chrisette look like a dike
    Pharrell looks young again


  4. WhatTheF

    ^A beautiful dike though. I’m not hatin!


  5. AAA

    Omg pharrell looks so cute again….pharrell.. U promise you’ll never grow it again…iii promise


  6. drtash

    NATURAL HAIR IS BEAUTIFUL!!. They’re all lookin good. It would be so cool if this was the new trend. I LIKE IT!!!


  7. g3

    they all look good CM skin is flawless & lmao@ speedy gonzalez he did look crazy wit that mustache


  8. Rhino

    I’ve learned to withold my judgement on these moves…because THE STUFF WILL GROW BACK if they want it to…(Amber & Solange, I think it’s time you let it grow back)


  9. Dizzle

    Teyana looks like she had a NOSE JOB done??? lol holla bk!


  10. Kayla

    omfg! i love CM’s hair! She looks beautiful!!
    Teyana’s hair is nice. I like how it frames her face
    and Pharrell looks the same to me….


  11. LadySheamus

    Their hair is just like mine and I’ve gotten nothing but sincere compliments – if you have the head for it, it looks beautiful!


  12. LadySheamus

    “I cut my hair for freedom, not for beauty.” True!


  13. lame

    @fi i just choked and DIED and ur comment! DEAD DEAD DEAD


  14. tee-tee

    c.m.’s cut is hot. she has such big pretty eyes that are complimented even more now. love t.t.’s new do r.i.p. to her cuzzo.
    pharrell is just a pic of perfection to me. even with that pedo ‘tache i’d still be with him…in my mind @ least hehe


  15. pollypurebred

    Pharrell, look is temporary, he has grown use to his girl rubbing on his chinny chin


  16. Liss

    I like the bold headed cut, the rest of them…not so much


  17. dan

    not that much into bald heads…but as mentioned, she has a great skin
    teyana…isnt that nearly the same as before? just with one side shorter
    pharell…still looks like 24…


  18. bebe

    teyana looks hot she always is doesnt surprise me


  19. cicimagee

    Teyana Taylor has a weave so cutting it is nothing…


  20. shante'

    y people so rude dont make no since aint got not nun better to do but to talk about other people they jst like us they have feelings to….they all luk gud teyana hair is beautyful and chrisette luks beatyful wit no hair and o dude luk gud to


  21. asia

    that’s not even teyana real hair idk y she claimin it is just google “teyana taylor real hair”


  22. Rochell

    I Love the short cut on chrisette, I just cut my hair that way, my husband love’s it so it will stay thay way for awhile, if it looks good is ROCK IT


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