Drake’s Next Single Revealed, Video Shot in Jamaica


Less than a day after premiering his brand-new video for “Over,” Drake is already on to the next one. The 23-year-old singer-rapper went in front of the lens again for his new single.

Drizzy is in Kingston, Jamaica, this week shooting a video for “Find Your Love,” the second single from his debut album Thank Me Later, Rap-Up.com has exclusively learned. Anthony Mandler (Rihanna, Jay-Z) is back in the director’s chair for a second time.

The “Over” director will continue crafting the rising star’s image. “Here’s a guy whose lyrical presence does not equal his visual presence yet, by any means,” Mandler told Rap-Up.com. “That’s something that he and I spoke a lot about. He felt strongly that nobody had really captured him, and some of the videos that had been done were less iconic than he would like to be represented as.”

Thank Me Later is scheduled for a June 15 release. Drake will fly back home to Canada to perform at this weekend’s 2010 JUNO Awards and has announced dates for a European tour, kicking off in July.

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  1. Ghetto Fab

    He better hope this one is better than “Over,” because I’m over that video/single already and it just dropped.



  2. maylz*

    keep killin’ them Drake!


  3. The Convo Piece

    Anthony Mandler did his thing for “Over.” Jamaica should provide for a plush backdrop for “Find Your Love” which is sure to be a seductive track..


  4. Jordyn

    Who cares … He’s more overrated than beyonce. Plus we got B.O.B. …who is more sexier and talented ….oh did I mention sexier


  5. missingBeyonce

    good But i think he should wait a lil Becuse over was enter the top 20 so after a video and some promotion it will Be good for him and he already have a hit it could enter the top 10


  6. The Truth

    The Over video was a huge disapointment. It did not match the magnitude of the song by any means. Anthony Mandler failed to capture what the song was about and i dont care what anybody says. Just because a director explains to rap-up and Mtv what he was trying to convey with the video does not automatically mean the video is gonna be Epic because the Over video is so far from Epic. Over is Drakes first official video as a solo artist and its a shame that this video did not showcase the song. The only thing people are talking about is the video girl Rita Ora and they showed her for like 10 seconds in the whole video. Drake u need to work with a different director.


  7. g3

    he is so funny looking like a lil guinea pig mixed wit a squirrel but his songs are hot his videos not so much


  8. What am I doin?

    You know those videos that u can keep watching over and over again and not get sick out it. Well i watched the Over video only twice and i can live without ever seeing it again thats how wack it is. I bet this new video hes shooting with Anthony Mandler will be just as wack. Drizzy get it together.


  9. Dizzle

    LMAO @ g3

    dayum he’s got a massive smile on his face lool i agree with g3 ahah xD


  10. elchica

    @g3 he looks more like a gopher than anything. But it’s cute sometimes in a funny way!

    But Drake is working hard! Can’t wait!


  11. Brice

    so exiteddddddddddddddddddddddddddddddddddddd


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  13. Realtalker

    Haters right here.


  14. larsjess

    @The Truth

    explain to me how the video did not capture what the song is about? cause its representing every bar he dropped on over..


  15. youngmoneyy92

    Gett emmm Drizzyy keep doinn ya thingg


  16. Akay

    music video’s nowadays don’t capture the songs magnitude anyway.

    but yeah, this was a huge dissapointment. in fact, so far, drake has been a huge dissapoinment and way too overated! step yo game uppppppp!


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  18. Kendra Vanessa aka Nassau Bahamas

    I am certain Drake will stunt us again with oh so smooth style of rap with this new album. I am so happy for him and all his success, and ‘OVER’ is my 2010 anthem here in Nassau. Fuck the video….close ya eyes and listen to that shit real good…..ITS CRAZY!!!!!


  19. LadyD

    I hope DRAKE keep doing his thang because his music is HOOOOOTTTT. He’s sooooo cute, keep up the good work booooo. (:


  20. WaveeChicSwagg

    Yo I LOVE Drake New Hit Single. He Is FIIIIIINNNNEEE!


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