Sound Off: Erykah Badu – ‘Window Seat’

Rap-Up TV took to the streets with our handy Flip MinoHD and asked a random sampling of people what they thought about Erykah Badu’s controversial “Window Seat” music video for our new Sound Off series. Was it performance art or a publicity stunt? Did Ms. Badu cross the line? And will they be purchasing her new album? The people have spoken.

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  1. tell'em

    To the woman talking in the parking lot…. #HoeHaveASeat

    Get over it. It was an expression of art and had a great message. When you evolve and reveal more of yourself their are “groups” that will try to take you down. Go on girl, I copped that damn album.


  2. 333

    This woman was expressing herself just like Erykah so it’s hypocritical of you to attack her. Everyone has their own opinion. Respect that.


  3. Gyanni

    The lady said she didn’t understand the connection of the video and the JFK assination site.
    Someone please tell me she’s not American and doesn’t know american history!
    Its a dang shame she doesn’t know black peoples history, while she looks partly black. SMDH!


  4. Gyanni

    sorry for the typos. assassination, it’s, people’s.


  5. Monica

    Awesome video….awesome artist….I think that the lady in the parking lot helped prove her ending message.


  6. Phoenix_Wright

    I like this Rap-up! I hope yall continue Sound Off.

    As for the video I have to say that I liked how each side was shown and explained. Don’t get on the lady in the parking lot of the other chick who didn’t understand the video. They were voicing their opinion in a respectful way. May not agree with them, but I’m glad they backed it up wit reasons.


    Rap-Up Reply:

    @Phoenix_Wright, Thanks. Glad you liked it. We’re working on the next Sound Off video about Nicki Minaj’s “Massive Attack.”


  7. Phoenix_Wright

    cool, can’t wait to see it!


  8. UserQQQQ

    i’m down with the parking lot chick. if she wants to pull a stunt like booking an auditorium and then showing up naked that one thing but people don’t want to have naked women walking down the street, and to spit in the face of the right of people to not have to explain what that woman is naked is insulting.


  9. kb2011

    It was a video, America….either love it, hate it, or GET OVER IT!! I, personally, thought it was artistic; I like how she’s using the ultimate act of rebellion to show how folks’ll just shoot you down for being different and expressing your opinion in the best way you know how, so i say Big Ups to Erykah….she’s fine as hell, too…


  10. girl in the parking lot

    why do people who disagree have to get over it? since when do people who stand up for themselves or voice their unpopular opinion have to get over it? i thought this was a free country? why dont you “get over it”? and then were polarized and making enemies . . . so thanks everyone for your comments, i hope everyone learns and grows


  11. yeahdoe

    ones actions can’t be justified in the name of art…or artistic expression…tough shit, theres more talk about her nudity than, the message of the music/video…tough


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