Video: Sade Performs ‘Babyfather’ on ‘Leno’

Sade returned to the U.S. to perform her new single “Babyfather” on Monday’s “Tonight Show with Jay Leno.” The British songstress’ teenage daughter, Ila Adu, accompanied her mother on background vocals. She can also be heard on the studio version, along with bandmate Stuart Matthewman’s son Clay.

Video via Mr. World Premiere

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  1. J-Dolla

    Real melodies and good lyrics. This is real music.!!!


  2. fi

    That’s her daughter singing background!
    It’s a good song for the summer but I already see the wierd people listening to it cause they think they have to like it because it has a reggae vibe!
    mostly white middle class peppz!

    she looks gorgeous though
    as usual


  3. Dre

    Co-sign with you J-Dolla.


  4. Ghetto Fab

    This is what you call a comeback. She came back like she wasn’t missing for all those years selling loads of albums. Nobody messing with Sade. She is a legend in the game. I love how this woman is not even worried with trying to impress anybody. Its just raw talent of her being herself. She is a true artist.


  5. LadySheamus

    I agree with J-Dolla and Ghetto Fab. This is what music should be.


  6. LadySheamus

    She looks great, I forgot to say – great outfit!


  7. Antonnette

    Sade is one of the few artists that I have truly followed over the years. Her return indicates that real music is still acclaimed. She is elegant and embodies what Diva should mean. In the current mainstream of the music industry, young women who just made a few hits and receive “acceptance” seem to proclaim themselves Divas. Life experience, poise while continuing to endeavor in a craft you love in the face of all things= Sade. Blessings to you my Sister.


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