Drake Finds Love in Jamaica

Drake and Maliah Michel

Drake has already captured the heart of Roc Nation’s Rita Ora in his “Over” video. Now the hip-hop bachelor is falling for a new luscious lady in the video for “Find Your Love,” the second single from his debut album Thank Me Later.

Maliah Michel plays Drizzy’s on-screen love interest in the Anthony Mandler-directed clip, which was shot in Kingston, Jamaica, with dancehall artist Mavado. The video vixen’s previous work includes Busta Rhymes’ “Touch It (Remix),” Fabolous and Ne-Yo’s “Make Me Better,” and Lloyd’s “Get It Shawty.”

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  1. BlackNLatin

    I thought since this was shot in Jamaican, that would pick a darker tone woman as his lead…Drake oh drake…


    Satin Reply:

    @BlackNLatin, Of course… because every Jamaican is DARK. SMFH


  2. kekeluvsu


    Me too. But you know how these industry niggas are. “If it ain’t light it ain’t right” That shit bothers me b/c I am a dark skin. But I still love Drake. I guess #ontothenext


  3. tzondo

    BlackNLatin What? she’s darker she’s pretty dark, and she’s thicker than the average video-ho this is a break through lol


  4. Boney Starks!

    Yall complain too much.

    Shut your mouths.


  5. Boney Starks!

    Yall make sure if a man asks you out on a date you ask him why he didn’t want a darker woman instead.


  6. Half

    Niggas need to start castin silhouettes so ya’ll can just shut up already.

    LOL, Jesus.


  7. Giselle

    People find fault in EVERY little thing. Drake can’t win. Was he supposed to cast a fucking ghost? Some of yall are ridiculous.


  8. arisea

    light or dark skinned she needs to shave dat dam hair from her armpits!!…a.s.a.p…lol


  9. HMM

    ^LMAO!!! Gross.


  10. Ghetto Fab

    You mean to tell me they went through all that trouble of flying everyone to Jamaica when they could have just found plenty of drop dead gorgeous women in Jamaica? I’ve seen girls walking down the streets of Kingston prettier than this chick. That includes darkskin lightskin and all in between. Jamaica is a land of many people. BTW Her body looks terrible in that outfit. And like someone else said is that armpit hair?? lmao

    Drake better hope this shit is better than the last thing because he is flopping real hard with that last “video” lol.


  11. Panisha

    Well at least this girl is darker than, all the other video- girls. This girl has got a lot make-up on her face thought. But I think they didn’t had the time to search in Jamaica for a girl(because those castings take a few days) so maybe that is why they flew the girl to Jamaica. What I do hope is that the girl will wear more clothes in the video, than what they useal wear!!


  12. UK Finest

    I am from Jamaica, not every girl from Jamaica is dark-skinned, as a matter of fact, in Jamaica you find all different shades, I do not think him having a light-skinned girl in his video should be an issue.


  13. Ashwin

    Google this chick, she’s bad lol.


  14. da infamous 1

    Light skin or dark skin? Really who cares i hate when ppl try 2 make skin tone an issue. Jamaica has ppl of all shades even white ppl jus like anywhere else. When these rappers shoot there videos. They’re living out there fantasies. They always look 4 the girl they would not be able 2 come close 2 if they were not a celebrity. Drake is an ugly muthafucker he knows damn well these pretty birds wouldn’t flock 2 him if he was regular ol’ aubrey graham. & yes i’m a dark skin jamaican chick. Skin tone is nothin. Dark skin girls stop being insecure pls. Its sickening.


  15. Kris

    I don’t think it’s always about insecurity. I’ve seen darker toned models say that they have a hard time finding jobs because of the complexion, that the casting agents will actually tell them that they’re looking for a more “exotic” look. To me that’s discrimination when it comes to working.
    As far as everyday people having a problem with it, that’s a natural reaction, it can make you wonder, why is there always a lighter woman/man, there are beautiful ppl of all complexions out there. Just like when you’re watching television, sometimes you want to see a person that looks like you.


  16. Kris

    Personally I don’t care, but I understand the frustrations that people may have.


  17. LShea

    Kris, you made a lot of sense there. Truth!


  18. lilsweetness

    omg shut up numero one and 2 ! why do you guys always complain about skin complexion is so shallow and great we figured it out your insecure…next.


  19. lilsweetness

    another thing i find it so funny how white people can have different complexions but you don’t hear them saying” Oh why did he pick the tanned Italian girl” ” Oh why did he pick the light Swedish girl” you guys grow up, clearly your shallow minded or maybe you experienced some hate because of your skin tone which is quite sad if you ask me because everyone is beautiful but please stop feeding your insecurities on these message boards etc. its just to necessary!!


  20. lilsweetness

    the girl is cute :) he shot in Kingston! representing :) !!


  21. lilsweetness

    Kris if darker models find discrimination its not DRAKES fault? like seriously blame the masses…not drake…i mean if she was Latina wow you guys would really be complaining and why the hate 4 people that look like her…how do you think that makes them feel???


  22. Ariel Clay

    im not dark brwn but im not lite brwn either…..o && btw drakes not ugly hes hot even if he is just aubrey…..shes NOT fat && theres nun wrong wit h3r body……obviously shes not fat or drake would NOT b claimin ok…..&& 1 day im gna b a video vixen 2, i’ll probably meet drake && other celebs bc my ass 2 boob 2 waist proportion is amazen 4 a 15 yr old && im pr3tty…..u ppl tht r hatin on gurls lik her && nikki minaj r NEVER gunna mke it lik3 EVER….you’ll always b just unknown in tha w3rld…..did i mention drake was hot.? y3a he is & i plan 2 meet him wen ima video vixen 1 day @ 18 yrs old so w3n im wit him r u ugly asz females gna hte on my goddess body && face too.? drk skinnd gurls as long as ur ppr3tti wit long hair && not fat as fxck & u hve a nice complexion you WONT get discriminated on TRUST….but nun of u gorilla hoes are that so b VERY insecure hoes.bye future hubby c u n……3 yrs lol *kisses* i luv thank me later i hve it on my ipod:& i luv degrassi 2 lol.!


  23. lonna

    Clearly,…..I KNOW MALIAH AND IVE MET HER(IN PERSON).She’s actually kinda cool.I think that many people should not judge her because obviously she probably looks better than half of the people who is hating on her.She has a great personality also.Its been a while though but …SHE’S BUSY DOING HER THING! I think that Drake and Maliah will make a great couple!


  24. beautiful_jay

    cute couple


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