Eminem Calls Off ‘Relapse 2’

Eminem Tweet

Unless his Twitter account has been hacked, it appears as though Eminem has canceled plans to release the sequel to 2009′s Relapse. “There is no Relapse 2,” the rapper cryptically tweeted in the early hours of Wednesday morning (April 14). No further explanation was given.

Slim Shady hinted at a major announcement on Twitter last month. “And don’t worry. Some big news is coming. Soon,” the tweet read.

Eminem’s seventh studio LP Relapse 2 had been anticipated for release this year. There is speculation that the material he has been recording could be packaged under a different title.

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  1. dj



  2. Terrell Johnson

    The Gods has answered our prayers… We’re so grateful…


  3. hippaToDaHoppa

    All it means is that ‘Relapse 2′ won’t be the title. The album is still comig out.


  4. slim shady 09

    the album better come out this has just destroyed my day i have been waitin for this album so long and if it is an album name change it’s all good but if the album does not come out wat a waste of fukin time i wont buy another eminem cd again if he calls this off but i really carnt see it it’s proberly went in a total different direction so it needs a name change we need an update on this soon and relapse 2 album name does sound corny.


  5. slim shady 09

    the big news he was on about was proberly the name change.


  6. Paxon jungels is gay

    I heard the new names EMPIR3


  7. Fat Boy

    Best rapper alive eminem


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