Rap-Up TV: Nas & Damian Marley Talk Lil Wayne, Drake, J. Cole, & State of Hip-Hop

The dynamic duo of Nas and Damian “Jr. Gong” Marley share insight on their rap-meets-reggae album Distant Relatives, Lil Wayne’s absence from music, the state of hip-hop, and the future of the music industry. Plus, what does Nas think about rap’s rising stars including Drake and J. Cole? Find out the answer in Rap-Up TV’s exclusive sit-down interview.

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  1. partTiMELuVa

    Fu*k Nas.


  2. so happy

    Nas is LOL @ you haters! Nas is so humble and cool and Damian is such a cutie! Nas the GOAT!!!!!! Distant Relatives May 18, 2009!!! Great music on the way!!!!!

    @partTiMELuVa…Fu*k You HATER!!!!!!!!


  3. so happy

    May 18, 2010


  4. headphones

    awww i love damian’s accent! Jamaica all day! I’m interested in their new album


  5. Travell Johnson

    Ummm…Jay-Z is the GOAT…Nas is not relevant anymore…When was the last time he was nominated for anything LOL


  6. so happy

    ^^^^Nas was nominated for two grammy’s last year asshole!!!!!!


  7. Nas Loves Jay Electronica, Drake & J. Cole | YourAudioFix // Your Daily Fix Of Urban Entertainment

    [...] Nas puts his stamp of approval on Jay Electronica, Drake & J. Cole. Props to Rap-Up. [...]

  8. partTiMELuVa

    Nas is crying because Kelis milked his cheating azz dry.


  9. Ghetto Fab

    I’m very excited about this project and glad you guys keep featuring them on your site. To the person who said Nas isn’t relevant anymore he was just nominated for Grammy’s so hush! I could sort of tell that Nas wasn’t being as truthful when it comes to how he felt about the state of hip hop today. It’s all good though because he’s being political.

    Only one criticism though. Why not ask Damian Marley any questions? You guys could have asked him about the state of Dancehall/Reggae. He is the son of the King of Reggae. Dancehall/Reggae is arguably just as big as Hip Hop internationally is. Good job though and thanks for shedding more light on this project.


  10. Jealous is for the weak!!!!

    Nas is very relevant and yes he was nominated in 2009 for Best Rap Album and Best Rap Performance….UNTITLED!!!! His song “Legendary” for the “Mike Tyson Documentary” which he also co-produced was also considered for the BEST original song for an Oscar this year! People talk shit about Nas because he is not flashy but the man is doing his thing and you haters stay mad because your jealous that he is still better than your favorite rapper without all the hype! Nas is the GOAT…and will have your favorite rapper crying on radio!!!!


  11. LMAO!!!!

    @partTiMELuVa….LOL at you B*tch A** Hater! Kelis could not even milk her own ass dry! How about you tell Kelis to milk a platinum plaque first…11 years and the b*tch still ain’t see 1,000.000 maybe she thought Nas/Knight would be her meal ticket! And if you think Kelis milked Nas you need to rethink you hate! Kelis ain’t getting shit but 300k…the bitch thought she was bossy but Nas checkmated her whack ass and he will still have a way better career than Kelis could ever dream to have past, present or future!!!!!!


  12. shamn

    im def buying. . .love Nas & wish him & Kelis were still together. IMO they were the hottest couple in Hip Hop!


  13. King of Queen

    Can’t wait for this album


  14. live hip hop

    Distant Relatives Nasir Olu Dara Jones and Damian Jr Gong Marley! This album is going to be fire!


  15. lenor

    I am not mad at kelis for getting “some” support from her ex….. but when knight grows up she will need nas. i am a living testimony. Nas=Goat.


  16. vox populi

    Sorry to be pervy but those two are FOOOIIIIINNE..
    Anyway.. can’t wait for the album. It will be fire. wish you’d asked Damian more questions directly but it was still a cool interview. Man, Nas was always cute. Ok I’ll stop now.


  17. ..!

    jz to mention jay z is so overrated? and with nas and jay z they both had a feud years back and nas killed it with his joints.


  18. Banton

    HaHaHaHa! Nas, the illiest, realest, lyrical gangsta. No one can take dat from this DON ya all know dat! Hush!


  19. OLIVIA

    wha is this about


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