Rihanna Sets Date for ‘Rated R: Remixed’


This is the Rih-mix. Rihanna wants to make you sweat this summer with Rated R: Remixed, a collection of remixes to tracks from her fourth album. The pop star has enlisted dance remixer Chew Fu to rework 10 songs from last year’s Rated R, including her No. 1 hit “Rude Boy.” The project is due May 25, about a month before she embarks on her “Last Girl on Earth” tour with Ke$ha.

Rap-Up.com has the tracklisting for you below.

1. “Mad House” (Chew Fu Straight Jacket Fix)
2. “Russian Roulette” (Chew Fu Black Russian Fix)
3. “Rockstar 101” (Chew Fu Teacher’s Pet Fix)
4. “Wait Your Turn” (Chew Fu Can’t Wait No More Fix)
5. “Photographs” feat. will.i.am (Chew Fu 35mm Fix)
6. “Rude Boy” (Chew Fu Bumbaclot Fix)
7. “Hard” feat. Jeezy (Chew Fu Granite Fix)
8. “G4L” (Chew Fu Guns in the Air Fix)
9. “Fire Bomb” (Chew Fu Molotov Fix)
10. “Stupid in Love” (Chew Fu Small Room Fix)

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  1. queen beyonce

    i hate her new single rockstar 101 i hate when she does rock doesnt appeal to me! & this remix album ummmmmm blah


  2. imhailing

    Flop mix ?……
    jus do another album rih
    i would like that


  3. OoOshii

    CoOoOl!!! am having this shit!


  4. susanna

    YEAH!!!!! Cant wait to get it.

    Flop?? This album has sold 3 million WW in 4 and

    a half months haters!!!


  5. Brinanna

    Like I’m going to waste my money on this piece of shit. This is how stars make money off of people. who is stupid enough to buy this. I love Rihanna but this is just plain pushing it.


  6. tell'em

    I already got the “Rude Boy” remix by Chew Fu and its hott. Chew Fu is SERIOUS. I’m actually looking forward to this and I’m not even a dance music fan.


  7. tell'em

    I see the haters are out.lol Her album has picked up and she has the most #1 singles for any female artist since 2000 and she came out in 2005. GGGB damn near is Diamond. Give the girl a break, she’s work hard for hers.


  8. Somehow

    It doesn’t match RockStar 101 released at the same time. This bitch is really screwed. The label wants to market that shit with the wrong image on the hand.

    clubbers might like it but honest – not buy it



  9. TeeTop

    U betta tell’em Tell’em!!! :p

    But I don’t care about remix “albums”. I want new material.


  10. ugh

    DEAD@”chew fu bumbaclot fix”
    she should just sell it as a mixtape. nobody is gonna buy it in this economy. its rihanna…shes not that great.


  11. sara

    can’t wait for the remix!


  12. WhatTheF

    Before you guys bash her, it was not Rihanna decision to release this shit. By the way, “Rude Boy” is #1 on Billboard AGAIN!



  13. kb2011

    don’t really like remix albums…but im sure she’ll do decent….


  14. Kyle

    I bet some of these remixes will be hot, but I never buy remix albums. Her last remix album for GGGB was really good.


  15. kristine

    It’s just dance mixes. It won’t get any promotion & probably won’t chart. Just a side project for the clubs.

    It’s not like Mariah’s Remix album or something, where it was proper release.


  16. g3

    she is so damn pretty


  17. your mom

    Jump Smokers!!!
    I really want their Mariah Carey remix album too :)


  18. Grenade

    @susanna, GGGB almost diamond? Are you crazy? You’re delusional. Rated R has sold nowhere near 3 millions copies WW. Your a fucking liar and dreamer and a stan. Maybe shipped but not sold. No one is buying the crappy album. Stan!!


  19. Sasan

    Why do you guys need to lie I just checked the world chart and rihanna has not even sold 2million copies ww.


  20. K

    ^ @ Sasan…..EXACTLY!!! she has sold more. Keep going hard Rih Rih. Your no. 1


  21. angel



  22. Nicky






  23. Good Guy Gone Bad

    Lmao @ Sasan “I just checked the world chart and rihanna has not even sold 2million copies ww”

    Wow u have no life to check the charts for an artist you obviously don’t like lmao Do something productive with your time!!

    And I hope you guys don’t use wikipedia or mediatraffic because they still have Good Girl Gone Bad at 6.5 million and there is label confirmation that it sold more than 8 million, besides alot of the world isn’t even counted through mediatraffic


    And these Rih-Mix albums aren’t expected to sale millions just used for club promo


  24. DAM

    Why is it that rihanna fans are so lie, talking about how she sold 3mill LMAO


  25. Grenade

    @DAM, seriously. Rihanna Stans lie so much. No way has GGGB sold 9 million copies, or Rated R sold 3 millions copies.


  26. Oebie

    These are the facts guys:

    GGGB: ww 7 million (GGGB and the re-release in 2008)
    Rater R: 2 million

    The sales of Rated R are still rising due to Rude Boy, I think Rated R will end up selling 3 million ww.


  27. HumanitySector


    Rated R is already at 3 million.
    In february it was 2,5 million WORLDWIDE. and not shopped, SOLD!


  28. HumanitySector



  29. dale

    strange to see them not including a remix for te amo

    maybe te amo is not the european single….oh well

    i will be getting a copie rihgardless.

    anyway about sells….rated r sold like 1.9 million now. world wide and 815 000 copies in the u.s thats the fact

    it is decent because at around this stage gggb was outof the top 50 in the u.s and now rate r is at no. 21….so no need to defend rated r sales because clearly it is doing well

    so fail 4 ALL OF U who tryna bring rihanna down


  30. dale

    also the feel of the album is not wat everyone was expecting frm rihanna s i think she is sucessful…well she is successful and no body can take it away from her….shes pushing close to 15 million album sold ww now!!!! that is in 5 years…dontthink thats bad at all….


  31. Michael Burmeister

    She really needs to go back to her old style!

    I was diggin’ “Music of the Sun,” “Girl Like Me,” and a few tracks from “Good Girl Gone Bad”. “Rated R,” to quote Borat, “not so much”.

    Her music was MUCH better before she sacrificed herself to appease the false god called “Progression” and adopted their high priest’s mantra “Want my old sh*t, buy my old album”


  32. stop lying

    Media Traffic

    Rated R: # 15 (20) – 39,000

    Total: 1,902,000


  33. AntiAnti

    right to my birth. i love this kind a song is like!!!


  34. stella

    @Michael Burmeister

    I didn’t buy any of her two first albums, and it’s specifically because of her progression that I find her so appealing now.Rated R is a hot album!It’s the only pop diva album that I’ve played straight through since Britney’s “Blackout.” Rihanna’s not afraid to take risks. She’s releasing songs in different genres, not just doing dance pop, or just r&b/urban. She’s releasing ballads that chart in the top ten in multiple countries, and now she’s releasing a rock song. So more power to Ri.


  35. high

    rockstar 101 is not a rock song stop it, its a rnb or pop song, wtf type of rock do you listen to smh


  36. bodacious

    rockstar101 is a rock song if rih says that it is . and with slash/travis barker ,,,both are rockers,,,”haters”


  37. bodacious

    rih you keep putting your best face forward and the rest will be history. just like rih just performed to 25,000 people in belgium, her very first stop on her ww tour,,,,, gotta love it ,,,,


  38. bodacious

    why is it that you never ever see the white artist tearing each others down , and you blacks are always trying to tear one artist apart to make others look good. theres enough for all of them the world is a very , very large place . and people can spread out all over the place,,, whos mad?????


  39. bodacious

    @ humanity sector ,,,, we do not have to fuss about how many units that rih has sold ,,,, you can not change people minds when they have a made up mind that is programmed one way,,,, media traffic does not have the correct count for rih’s gggb album either!!!!!


  40. bodacious

    the proof will be in the pudding ,,, rih tour the european leg is sold out ,,,,, and the tickets are moving real good here in the states ,,,, she has sold out msg,,,,i understand in a very short period of time ,,, whats that 20,000,,, not bad!!!


  41. bryant

    flop rih sold out the gelredome which is over 34000 seats and she sold out the o2 arena twice combined thats 46000 seats where is the flop?


  42. bodacious

    my people my people, riri do not have to prove jack to none of you . what ever that she is doing is better than the best of a blog site with a group of haters.when was the lset time you haters had a good meal at a five star hotel, when was the last time you was on a stage with thousands of people for you to entertain,,, i hear you never, so hate on haters, because you don’t know any thing else.


  43. bodacious

    the world is full of negative people. and also loosers and theye is a group of people who hates on riri all the time . and it only tends to help her to reach for the sky, and there are none of you who can stop her.all you can do is talk negative talk and try and please your owm sinking ego.


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