T.I. Joins Tiny at ‘Tiny & Toya’ Screening

T.I. and Tiny

T.I. joined his fiancée Tameka “Tiny” Cottle at a screening for the second season of her BET reality show “Tiny & Toya” at Asian eatery Aja in Atlanta on Tuesday (April 13). Lil Wayne’s ex-wife Antonia “Toya” Carter and her daughter Reginae Carter were there, along with ATL “Housewife” Kandi Burruss and rappers Diamond and Rasheeda.

Check out the ladies’ funny interview with Chelsea Handler where Chelsea grills Tiny about her eight-year relationship with Tip and puts Toya in the hot seat about Lil Wayne.

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  1. Antwan Dillard

    happy to see my boy home….. and cant wait for da new album


  2. pamela miller

    Tiny and Toya i love your show. I love that yoy put family first and your dreams second. Toya i hope you find love in the future and just know that the best love you don’t look for it will come to you.Tiny i wish you and T.I. the best in life.


  3. Diamond Girl

    Hilarious Chelsea is a scream as usual..Wish these ladies nothing but the best and success in their lives


  4. drtash

    dang how many baby mamas does lil wayne have??????????????


  5. tina

    keep on doing what your doing ladies, holding it down for the family!


  6. hermen

    long way dawg , either way i kno u gt this tip . u’v alwys done . welcome back………..


  7. shanna

    yall already know tip album in august gone be tha bizzness right…man like he said in “i’m illy” he can fall back 7 years still aint no one ahead of him, & yall already know thats the truth, u can admit tip some serious…i love that guy to death, feels like we blood brother & sister..i claim him like he’s my own & i support everything he does whether its good or bad, likable or dislikable..i just love him


  8. tennisen#1



  9. LShea

    Bout time – Tiny & Toya is the ONLY reality show that I watch because the last/first season wasn’t about drama or anything like the other shows that drag AA down (looking at you, BET). Hopefully they can keep the standard for the second season. Tiny’s hair is gorgeous – I love the color!


  10. Rolland

    thanks a lot keep it up


  11. Mark Goodwin

    Hey tip, you and tiny look so good in your picture my brother loves your new song IM BACK he say thats what he wants to be played when he get out of prison.Ti your the best.I got mad respect for you. keep holding it down.


  12. jeniara

    i think the show is great and i can relate to toya problm with her mom and brother because i going through it and i have to be strong for my brothers and sisters. congrates on the engagement tiny


  13. bk

    Tiny & Toya, please don’t let the negativity get to you. I am a 53 year old woman & I love your show. You’re crossing GENERATIONS!!! Please continue the show together (that comment based on rumors), You both not only compliment each other but you have a presence that is so REAL!!! You are very positive ladies and GREAT LEADERS. Give it some thought, I know there comes a time when everyone must venture out on their own.

    PEACE, LOVE & SOUL:-) Hope this reach each of u


  14. ASHTON



  15. Miz Mitchell

    I just love Tiny,she’s my sweetheart of the both.Her style reflects one of an ambitious and positive,strong woman.I wanna compliment you on the fab job that you are doing with your kids and I continue to admire that unconditional love that you have for your family.I see that you have a beautiful heart and I congratulate you and my boy TIP,God Bless


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