Album Cover: Kelis – ‘Flesh Tone’

Flesh Tone

Kelis once again reinvents herself with the avant-garde artwork for her fifth studio album Flesh Tone. The fashion chameleon takes a bold stance on the striking cover photographed by Rankin.

Her first disc in nearly four years features the No. 1 dance single “Acapella” and production from David Guetta, Free School, Boys Noize, and Benny Benassi. Grab your copy on May 17 in the U.K. and July 6 in the U.S.

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  1. partTiMELuVa

    Yes, ONLY KElis!
    These other girls try and they come off looking stupid.


  2. ....

    I cant see anything original in this cover the robotic dress was already on Gaga’s Paparazzi and Beyoncé’s Sweet Dreams …one year ago
    Fashion Forward Who?


  3. Lwhm

    this hoe? lol Gold Diggin ass bitch


  4. Jordyn

    yes sss ss s omgggee I love it! Its so EPIC! & I haven’t seen a album cover like this in years! Man May couldn’t come fast enough!!!!!


  5. Shamn

    It’s a wrap for yah favs. Standing O’s for Kelis, because this is so fresh & different! Its so futuristic and best believe I will have 2 copies in my hand.

    & the haters come in 5 4 3 2


  6. 4thofJULY

    This is gorgeous!
    To to the person who saying Gaga & Beyonce.
    You’re trying too hard to prove your point because this looks nothing like what they had on.
    With that being said, KELIS IS BACK shittin’ on all your faves.


  7. channelxonr

    OMGGGGG! I loveeeeeeee it!
    Sorry, you tried but thats NOTHING like what Gaga & Beyonce had on. Not even the same color. Stop trying to act like they are fashion forward when they bit Kelis’ style so hard.


  8. UltraKid

    People think Lady Gaga was the first to dress weird when we had lots of artists before her including Kelis, Madonna and there alot in the Indie music world.


  9. Joyams

    That’s so true, she borrowed the dress to Beyoncé ahaha!! I liked her style on the first album, honestly i don’t believe in this one, because she’s trying to do club/dance/house/techno/whatever because it’s working these days. And the “i am doing anti-fashion” or i don’t know what crap she said, yeaaah right…


  10. Ha

    Bish kelis been doing this before beyonce started stealing other people ish as her own stfu


  11. Kingnoah30000

    So this is where Nas Money is going? lmao


  12. channelxonr

    Beyonce stans should be the last to say someone is swagger jacking when Beywulf is the BIGGEST swagger jacker (alone with Gaga & Rihanna). Keep it cute. Kelis DOES this! While the rest of these lame chicks copy.


  13. listen

    looks cheap. not going to sell… i can’t believe artists keep getting tries. After Kelis’ first albums, none have ever really sold. Why would Will i. Am feel that this time around, she would?


  14. Dessi

    Ooooookkkkkk, I guess????…when reaching goes over board.


  15. bella

    Dope!. Rankin and Chris are a great duo.

    Artists make music b/c it’s what they want to do. She’s not getting “retries” she’s living her dreams and clearly Iovine and Will believe in her, why are u bothered? Lol


  16. Terrell Johnson

    Nas’s money covered this entire production of this album lol.


  17. Yeah Ok U mad!

    @ …. Oh u wanna go there now ok. I recall kelis coming out way before Lady Gaga was even established. kelis first album dropped in 1999, go back to the Kaleidoscope album and watch the Get along With You video. U gonna say shes copying gaga there too when Gaga clearly didnt come out for another 10 years smh. Stupid! Kelis been had this.


  18. Will

    Its kinda hard to believe Kelis is still making albums cause she has never went platinum but she has always been so out the box to the point where labels want to work with her. Nas ofcourse has connections through the industry but i dont think hes the reason for Kelis still being able to release albums. If your saying Nas is paying for the budgets your stupid because its actually the label that is paying for everything.


  19. bella

    Lots of artists have great careers and have never gone platinum. Common, Mos Def, ect. Besides she’s had hits here and over seas. She’s been doing it for 11 years so she must be doing something right. Her newest song is about to be huge in the UK and she got a no.1 here with it, she’s doing great. She’s a single mom doing her thing.

    Interscope is clearly covering the budget, but I guess it makes people feel like they’re doing something by bringing up Nas lol


  20. Creat1ve

    Yes Kelis, YES! I love the way this album cover looks, ’bout time someone makes a good album cover. And @…, for you to say Kelis is trying to copy Beyonce and Lady Gaga is just absurd. First off, Kelis has been in the music business longer than both Beyonce and Lady Gaga, and she’s always had a creative aspect on things, such as album covers and music videos. I’m not tryna hate on Beyonce or Lady Gaga, because I love both of their music, but for their fans/stans to be thinking that other artists are copying their style when they’ve been doing longer than them is just wrong.


  21. Tia-Bia

    Kelis has not been in music longer than Beyonce. DC started before Kelis did.

    Kelis is serving Ms.Grace Jones with this cover. Really nice. I like that it’s not super sexual or just some over airbrushed glam shot like most covers today. It’s a risk, but she served it.


  22. Creat1ve

    @Tia-Bia I was referrring to her solo career, not her career with Destiny’s Child.


  23. Kyle

    I love it. Kelis is one of a kind and I know this album is going to be a breath of fresh air. It just sucks that it’s coming out in the U.S. in July. Ugh, that’s like 3 months away.


  24. ItsOscarYO

    Y’all haters need a reality check. Gaga & Beyonce? Kelis has always been ahead of her time. Everything Gaga & Beyonce have done Kelis did YEARS ago. ^_o


  25. fi

    to ya’ll haters like Joyams
    shut the fuck up
    some peoples creative horizone reaches not farer than gaga and beyonce
    kelis was kelis and did dance and house when most of you haters were listening to CASSIE LMAO
    ya’ll should shut the fuck up
    you bitches never even heard of rankin and would not recognize style even if it took you from behind!
    sit down sit down hoes
    no wonder she came back to dance and her real fans with this concept
    she was always misunderstood in the US
    look at the american charts!


  26. tell'em

    This is a nice mix of vintage and future stylings. Kelis has always been at the forefront of fashion and sound and your favorite artists (Lady Gaga and Beyonce) even know this, hence them always getting at her producers and writers (ie “Kelis Was Here” had 3 Bangladesh beats in 2006 and Beyonce went running to him for “Diva” & “Video Phone” that sound exactly like Kelis’).

    On top of that, don’t sit here and talk about Lady Gaga is original when you just started listening to her last fall. YOU’RE late and unoriginal so you can’t comment on whats fresh or innovative.


  27. ...

    she looks ridiculous
    i hope this bitch sells about 3 copies of her wack ass album


  28. Ghetto Fab

    Very fashion forward I like. To those mentioning Gaga and Beyonce of all people need to stop. Gaga practically owes her whole look to Grace Jones and Madonna. She should be paying them lol. And let’s not get into Beyonce. That trick steals everything that doesn’t have her name on it lol. Its no wonder her team is in court every month for her jacking songs/clothes amongst other things. She’s the biggest thief around.


  29. Kelis did it first

    SLAYEDDDDDD!!! This is the best female album cover i have seen in a LONG TOME. Kelis been had style when the Bossy and Blindfold me videos came out take a rewind to 2006 before Lady Gaga even had a career and u haters r saying she tryna be her and B smh. Take a listen to Bossy, “Im the chick thats raised the stakes” . Kelis was here is the album that had all the producers that are hot right now just like the neptunes were back in the 90s. Kelis is always the one to work with them first Hence Polow Da Don, Bangladesh.


  30. LShea

    The album cover…wow.


  31. Joyams

    Y’all are ridiculous calling hater every single person who don’t say only positive things.
    I’ve got a question : how the fact that kelis was out before beyoncé (i doubt it but that’s not the point) or gaga prevent the fact that her dress look like the one that wears beyoncé in sweet dreams. There’s no link so watch ur mouthes before insulting and so on… Sayin that she was doing house and techno and dance music before everybody is so false!! All her producers were hip hop and now she’s doing that thing with guetta and boyz noize and i don’t know who.
    And sayin that beyoncé swagger jacks kelis cause she worked with bangladesh after her, what the fu*k, he’s a producer, that’s normal that ppl ask him for beats, he produced A Milli of Lil Wayne that doesn’t mean that Lil Wayne try to copy Kelis, the fu*k!


  32. J Li

    Beyonce swagger jacked Kelis’ curly afro, she also swagger jacked her sound (Ring The Alarm). Oh and lets not forget the B’day promo pic with the same EXACT bathing suit Kelis wore in the Bossy video. You Beyonce stans shouldn’t say anyone is copying because Beyonce is a pure thief in every way possible. Music thief, style thief..shes just a plain ol’ thief! And Kelis did do techno/dance music in the past. If you would’ve done your homework, then you would know that. So before making inaccurate comments,do your research idiot because you sound really stupid.


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