Video: Monica Visits ‘Lopez Tonight’

Who knew Monica was a Gene Simmons fan? The singer rocked a pair of DSquared heels inspired by the KISS frontman while discussing her climb back to the top and her musically gifted sons Romelo and Rocko on Wednesday’s “Lopez Tonight.”

The talk show host also surprised the proud mama with a couple gifts that are sure to put smiles on her kids’ faces. And Mo didn’t leave without performing her single “Everything to Me.”

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  1. Playboy

    She is fuckin incredible!!!!!! She is my favorite female vocalist!!! She is showing everybody that she is in the same league as Alicia Keys and Beyonce. Black women who rock and got talent for days!! LOVE HER and her new album. Real R&B is back on top!!!!!


  2. Keri Hilson fan

    Beautiful woman, beautiful song and beautiful album. This is her best performance of this song so far.


  3. shemar

    That wz da bomb! She killed it, 4 years off and to com bk like dat….amazing.


  4. Brandy

    bye bitch my album was better & u kno it


  5. B. Rillz

    WOW…Someone^^ has waayyy too much time on their hands!

    Anyways, Monica did a fabulous job! She is our generation’s Whitney. Her voice cannot be denied!


  6. Dessi

    She looks and sounds beautiful…what’s up with these high a$$ heals this season.


  7. blazzin

    that was great, i love the real R&B artists from the 90s


  8. Truely Blessed

    Great interview. lil Rocko and Romelo are definately genetically blessed with music in there blood. Lil Rocko was killin it on the drums like i couldnt even believe how good he was he had the rhythm down and everything, then u got romelo singing along to everything Mo was saying. That was incredible.


  9. Trey



  10. HipHopDiva

    Monica is so talented, I’m glad to see her back and showing what good R&B is. GO MONICA :)


  11. Monica is the best female vocalist

    MO KILLED IT!!!!!!! Monica is the best vocalist ive ever heard hands down i dont care what anybody says. This woman has pipes for days. She is the only female singer i know who from the 90′s is still relevant and still has the voice without cracking one note. She sounds the exact same, even better now than she ever has. Incredible!!!


  12. fi

    real r&b
    get the cd
    listen to it
    burn all your beyonce cd’s


  13. Mike

    I feel like people forget that Monica can really sing. She killed this performance.


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