New Music: The-Dream f/ T.I. – ‘F.I.L.A.’

The-Dream and T.I.

Gotta man? The-Dream and T.I. ain’t tryna hear that. Terius promises his girl the best, while Clifford outdoes the competition on “F.I.L.A. (Fall in Love Again),” one of two new singles featuring Tip from Dream’s Love King album. The other is called “Sex Intelligent.”

Download: The-Dream f/ T.I. – “F.I.L.A.”

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  1. Carl

    I love dream’s music but this song is not it…


  2. 2011k

    i luv the-dream….that’s my baby!!!


  3. ish

    yup yup better dan da 1st single i think. can c my self bumping 2 dis track. but i fink sex intellegent is gonna b betta. cant wait :D


  4. Joyams

    I love the dream but his work is beginning to sound the same all the time.


  5. sashaj

    this song IS ROCKIN THAT THANG it practically has the same beat


  6. Dillon_68



  7. L0VEKING.

    I love it.


  8. listen

    Dream need to be more creative. Each single sounds like one looooooooong song. I can’t believe this guy is heading up a label at Def Jam. How? The girl group didn’t pop off. Christina didn’t pop off. I’m kinda worried about Ciara not poppin off with that first signle. He’s not poppin like that anymore, esp. with these new songs. This is what happens when people buy into you because you make a few hit records. Now they are stuck.


  9. mel

    idk anybody suprised all his songs always has the same sound..cause he uses the same producers so i guess he likes that a certain sound..dont worry though tis his last album..the reason why he’s the head of defjam because he makes hits for others and he achieved alot in such a shortime..he bascially the reason why rihanna even exists to day..


  10. Star

    T.I. gone be on every single He alredy on Jamie Fox First single with Justin Timberlake called winner as well as Diddy Hello Good Morning know this. Plus he got a album coming out.


  11. UserQQQQ

    i’m a bit annoyed people can’t think of original names for their songs. it’s going to get really annoying trying to search F.I.L.A. for Lil scrappy and then end up with this.

    Forever I Love Atlanta


  12. BlackNLatin

    Love this song!!!!!!! <3 this the unmastered version though!


  13. Brett Vance

    listen all the way through the end is hot! RADIO KILLA!!!


  14. genti

    its nice song


  15. Kb_Brown



  16. Haze

    same old thing….


  17. gab

    i love it


  18. Hana

    I guess people do have a point here. For those who haven’t listened to the dream before they are going to love this song, but a lot of his songs do have the same vibe. But if this is what he likes, then he shouldn’t stray away. It just might getting annoying for old fans, but he’ll keep new fans coming.


  19. Lily=]

    this song is the shit!!!! dude The-Dream ft. T.I. best collaboration!!!!


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