What Happened to Kiley Dean?

Kiley Dean burst onto the scene seven years ago with her infectious Timbaland-produced hit “Make Me a Song.” After her debut album Simple Girl was shelved, she parted ways with the super-producer’s Beat Club Records. The 28-year-old singer later signed with and was released from Mathew Knowles’ Music World Entertainment and is currently a free agent. But Kiley hasn’t let the setbacks deter her from pursuing her dreams.

The Arkansas-born artist, who toured as a backup vocalist for Madonna on her “Sticky & Sweet Tour,” is currently in Los Angeles recording a mixtape and building her buzz with viral videos and remixed tracks.

In her latest clips, she comes full circle, flipping Timbaland’s “Say Something” as well as Snoop Dogg’s “I Wanna Rock.” Get re-familiar with Kiley Dean.

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  1. What?

    She should’ve just stayed with Timbaland, I was really looking forward to her Album. I was wondering about her, she still has a great voice I hear…


  2. DJInVincible74

    You have to give this girl an A+ for her perseverance. I hope she makes it big this time.


  3. Will

    I remember this chick. That track “Make Me A Song” was fire. I remember hearing that song on the radio and being like who is this chick? Unfortunately i think because Timbalands Beat club label was then being transformed into mosely music group and acts werent selling major records he forced his artists out there contracts. Hopefully now Kiley Dean has way more experience and can create a buzz off her mixtape and videos. I wish this girl much success to come.


  4. listen

    this version of the song is pertty weak. she has to come stronger. the visual was dope though.


  5. MACH

    I love her.. Her best songs were with Timb.. She sounded good working with Brandy too.


  6. Lupito

    Really good song.
    I actually prefer it to the original.

    For those interested heres the MP3 -



  7. Simeon R.

    Kiley has some mean vocals and soul, not to mention she can write a song! She deserves someone to take her seriously and get her a correct deal and get her to the masses. All she is doing now is on her own steam and it is great, but if a label got behind her, she’d kick out some even greater work. It’s about time for someone to let her shine! The industry is a mess, but she’s been at it for a while now and she can’t slow down. Hook that mess up somebody!


  8. AshHole

    None of ya know what just hit ya! This artist has talent that the industry needs…She is so fly and so blazin hott! I’ve never seen someone work so hard and be so good at what she does…ur time to shine is now KD!!


  9. Nicole

    This girl has everything going for herself. She’s cool, calm, Christian, and doesn’t show her ‘Britney’ when she gets outa the car! Timb knew what he lost cz he begged her back! She’ll throw em all out the water! Love her!


  10. Mara

    This girl has a great deal of talent!! The best I’ve heard in a long time. Great voice and great songs!! I know that she would be extremely big!!!!! Beautiful voice and soul!


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