M.I.A. Takes to the Sky to Announce Album Release Date

M.I.A. at Coachella

If you want to know the release date for M.I.A.’s upcoming album, it is written in the stars.

During Jay-Z’s set at the Coachella Valley Music & Arts Festival on Friday (April 16), a blimp carrying a digital billboard flew over the crowd advertising the “Paper Planes” rapper’s appearances at the HARD Summer Music Festival in Los Angeles and New York, as well as the drop date for her third LP.

“New Album 6.29.10” flashed across the scrolling ticker as it soared above concertgoers. The follow-up to 2007′s Kala will feature production from Rusko and Blaqstarr, and tentatively arrive on the same date as her protégée Rye Rye’s debut effort Go! Pop! Bang!

Next week, M.I.A. will premiere a viral video for “Born Free,” a song she first debuted at San Francisco’s Outside Lands Music & Arts Festival last August.

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  1. BlackNLatin

    finally a release date!! Damn!


  2. UltraKid



  3. TheLastGirlOnEarth

    Yes! I cannot wait =)


  4. James Barnett

    M.I.A. is goin’ hard this year.


  5. Kyle

    Wow, so if there are no push-backs that day, that mean M.I.A, Rye Rye, and Teairra Mari are dropping albums that day. And the next week, KELIS!!! This summer is going to be super hot with all this new music dropping.

    Can’t wait though for some new M.I.A, I remember I bought “Kala” on the day it came out in 2007 and fell in love with it instantly. Then a year later people started jumping on the bangwagon. SMH.


  6. UltraKid

    I remember not liking Kala the first time I heard it but it grew on me just like 808′s and Heartbreaks.


  7. listen

    MIA doesn’t really sell records. Why is she so talked about? I like certain records from her, but I don’t know why it’s a big deal.


  8. James Barnett

    Because she’s the shit @ listen.


  9. Tia-Bia

    What difference does it make what she sells? She makes great music. Damn sheep just following behind bullshit b/c it sells.


  10. drtash

    lol @listen. Since when did record sales mean anything. They’re plenty of crap artists right now who put out any old garbage (much of it recycled) that consumers seem to buy in buckets. The music has become so commercialized now that it’s become generic, soulless and empty garbage with no valid meaning, and then there’s the blatant racism of the media etc. what the whites get praised for something they either copied from or do less well than ppl of other races (not just black), and you get a great big mess of an industry. I’d choose M.I.A. over some of the unoriginal crap that gets spewed constantly on this site. If selling is what gives an artist credibility these days then I feel really sorry for the next generation of artists cause there’s no hope for them.


  11. drtash

    sorry typo. I meant “there are”


  12. Erbam Dich Mien

    I was under the impression this was coming out in July… Well all the better then!!!

    Now if she’d give us a damn title and song!


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