B.o.B Dethrones Rihanna on Singles Chart


After spending five consecutive weeks at No. 1, a newcomer has displaced Rihanna from the top of the chart.

B.o.B’s debut single “Nothin’ on You” featuring Bruno Mars jumps 2-1 on the Billboard Hot 100, becoming the Atlanta musician’s first No. 1. Rihanna’s “Rude Boy” previously held the spot, falling to the runner-up position this week.

“Nothin’ on You” is not the only song from B.o.B making moves. His follow-up single “Airplanes” featuring Hayley Williams of Paramore debuts at No. 12 and holds second place on the iTunes Singles chart, while his album B.o.B Presents: The Adventures of Bobby Ray is set to arrive next Tuesday.

Monica also lands her first No. 1 in more than 13 years on the Adult R&B airplay chart as “Everything to Me” shifts 2-1. Her last Adult R&B chart-topper, “For You I Will,” spent a week at No. 1 in April 1997.

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  1. Futeristic29

    He’s cool, That’s great for him.


  2. Muhahaha

    he is the new DRAKE


  3. David Thespokenword Washington

    YESSS, WORK B.O.B.!!! I’m excited for him


  4. peace

    DRAKE who ?!! B.O.B. is the FUTUUUUUURE


  5. Phoenix_Wright

    WTH!!! How could Airplanes debut so HIGH?! Bigs up to him! He a new artist that is already taking the #1 spot and about to have another hit!


  6. Michael Burmeister

    OK everybody, it’s official now-”Hip hop is dead” IS DEAD.

    The new, more creative generation OFFICIALLY RULES THE WORLD!


  7. Gay Tony

    @ Peace

    Get the FUCK outta here nigga. B.o.B. is dope but that nigga aint no drake. He’ll have a few decent hits but noone will copt his album. They just purchase his hot singles. His album will move maybe 80,000 units and He MAY debut # 1, but he lucky Drake aint releasing same day. GTFOH!


  8. B.o.B is da B.o.m.b

    rude boy had a great run but all good things must come to an end… B.o.b is def da truth and im sure he will be selling plenty of albums


  9. Grenade

    Gay Tony, you GTFOH. His music is better than Drake’s. Drake might outsell him but it doesn’t mean shit.


  10. Murphy

    Drake? Seriously…B.O.B is good ok but he cant touch Drake. Ya’ll crazy.. Drake will atleast have triple B.O.B’s album sales even though hes releasin the same day as Game.. June 15th! We’ll See!


  11. Murphy

    And if u say it dont matter about the sales then… still Drake is better lyrically, flow wise, everythink…B.O.B and drake are 2 different leagues!


  12. Jeffery J-Boe

    First Off Congratulations To B.o.B., and Bruno Mars For Their 1st Number One… I Understand Why That Song Would Be A Number One Hit… It’s About A Guy Telling His Girl, That No Girl In The World Got Nothing On Her, and That’s Best Message To People In Relationships… And Second But Not Last, Congratulations To Monica For Her Number One Hit With “Everything To Me”… At First I Didn’t Like It, But Now It’s One Of My Favorite Monica Songs… B.o.B., Bruno Mars, & Monica For 2010.


  13. joe franco



  14. Mike

    Phoenix Wright, the song did really impressive numbers on iTunes in the last week.

    B.o.B. is really doing it, i see his album having impressive first week sales.


  15. mississiy

    GO B.O.B!!!


  16. Dessi

    Hip hop is dead, please stop reaching. Obliviously the understanding of creative hip hop is so limited to what mainstream is pushing, smh.


  17. kekeluvsu

    And why the hell would y’all even bring up Drake in this post. He ain’t got shit to do with B.O.B or Monica. That’s young ppl’s problems. Y’all like to create these fake ass competitions with artist. B.O.B is B.O.B and Drake is Drake. LEAVE IT THE HELL ALONE. Congrats to both Mo and B.O.B


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