New Music: Bruno Mars, Trina, Nicki Minaj, Lady Saw, and Jeezy

Bruno Mars

B.o.B’s “Nothin’ on You” served as a launch pad for Bruno Mars’ promising career. Now armed with a No. 1 single, the Hawaiian-born singer, songwriter, and producer shows us what we can look forward to on his Elektra Records debut EP It’s Better If You Don’t Understand, due May 11.

Download: Bruno Mars – “Runaway”

Audio via dajaz1


Trina and Nicki Minaj don’t need a man to provide for them. The independent ladies are clear about the only thing they’re after on the raunchy “Dang a Lang” from Trina’s new album Amazin’ (May 4). Dancehall queen Lady Saw seasons the track with some island flavor.

Download: Trina f/ Nicki Minaj & Lady Saw – “Dang a Lang” [Tagged]

Young Jeezy

Jay-Z may call himself the greatest rapper alive, but Jeezy is claiming the title of “Greatest Trapper Alive.” Jay Jenkins gets cocky with his flow on the first offering from his Don Cannon-hosted mixtape Trap or Die II: By Any Means Necessary.

Download: Jeezy – “Greatest Trapper Alive”

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  1. Kyle

    I like Trina and all but she has not changed one bit. All her songs are about the same damn thing.


  2. Mike

    Kyle, i agree with you. She shows no growth in her music or lyrics. She’s never going to sell albums when she never changes it up. I’m not hating, just telling the truth.

    Although, Nicki did kill it in her verse. Trina shouldn’t let Nicki show her up in her own song.


  3. Lebo(CaribbeanBOi)

    Good to hear Lady Saw on that trina track … Caribbean to the world


  4. urias

    yesssssssssssss nicki !!!


  5. infamous1

    @Kyle, i definitely co-sign that statement. You would think that after being in the rap game 10 yrs she would be rapping about something else besides being the baddest, sex, & money. I like her but she is sad. She’s a 30 something yr old kid. She brags about being in the game 10 yrs but she doesn’t have any platinum albums & no grammy. She has accomplished nothing in her 10 yrs. I like her & i respect the fact she is getting money but i have no respect for her as a woman and if you listen closely 2 her lyrics she sucks terribly. Her wordplay & flow is utter trash. I’m not a Nicki fan but nicki murdered her on her own track. Lady Saw ripped it as usual. The hook & the beat are the best.


  6. meh



  7. ugh

    bruno mars: i thought this was “even angels” by fantasia when i was first listening to it. he kind of sounds like avery storm in the chorus. ill be checking to hear what he has to offer.

    trina: this song is neither hot nor not. its just background music to me. trina needs to stop with all the raunch sex appeal raps. like we get it, baddest bitch/diamond princess..sure sure but what else is there to trina?

    jeezy: its alright. when is the album coming?


  8. ciara101

    Trina went hard


  9. bbq

    Wow I thought Elektra Records folded back in 2004


  10. Phoenix_Wright

    Bruno was cool, I like his voice. Near the end he kinda yelled at one point for no reason(it ain’t sound good), but other than that it was good.

    I actually kind of liked Trina’s song… she is talking about the same thing, but she actually did decent on this song, Nicki’s verse leaked long time ago it was cool.

    Jeezy is Jeezy, not interested, but wasn’t bad.


  11. carl

    Trina sounds really week on that track.


  12. BowChickaWahWah

    Trina sounds sleepy.


  13. LadySheamus

    “Near the end he kinda yelled at one point for no reason(it ain’t sound good), but other than that it was good.”

    This made me lol. :P


  14. UserQQQQ

    “Although, Nicki did kill it in her verse. Trina shouldn’t let Nicki show her up in her own song.”

    that made ME laugh because that’s exactly what happened to Jay-Z on Renegade. Imagine.. getting completely destroyed by your guest artist.

    Personally I don’t get if you mesh together like Red and Meth or Paul Wall and Chamillionaire or if someone clearly outclasses like with Renegade as long as there’s some heat on the track I’m cool with it.


  15. dejuan

    u guys b hating on trina and nicki manaj need 2 b quiet. first of all quiet making rumor about her write back if u wish


  16. dejuan

    and b quiet carl u r weak


  17. TC

    I agree with tha people who said Trina hasent changed… She really hasnt and itz ashame bcuz i love Trina thats my girl im gonna b by her side no matter what… Although she has changed it up a lil in her song “Loyalty” thats a pretty descent song!!! As for Nicki we all kno any collab she diea shes gonna kill the who tha artist is!!!! Thats a fact… But im still yellin Trina is thee baddest diamond princess bitch n Nicki is thee baddest barbie bitch!!!!! Hands down!!!!


  18. moose

    i dont think nicki show trina up she went the hardest but i think trina will always be at the top yea nicki hard but trina better


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