Video: The-Dream Debuts New Material at Highline Ballroom


The-Dream, who appeared to have rummaged through Rihanna’s closet, ran through old favorites and premiered new material from his Love King album, including his T.I. collaboration “Sex Intelligent” and the possibly titled “Love Queen,” during his show at New York’s Highline Ballroom on Thursday night (April 22). He was also joined by his Def Jam labelmate Fabolous for the “Throw It in the Bag (Remix).”

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  1. Phoenix_Wright

    NEED to hear the studio versions because I’m not getting anything from this live stuff.


  2. jorge

    wow i mean this dude sucks live! why would anyone pay to see him perform! some of his songs are good but danmm get off stage and let the real artist do there thing!


  3. janet

    pleace get off stage! what was he doing? he cant even dance this is horrible!


  4. listen

    hahaha. for someone who claims to have brought r&b back…the crowd sure doesn’t think so. i don’t either. hahaha. this guy is a joke.


  5. humberto

    I dont care if he’s a bad performer, I just want to listen to the cd, cuz both songs are FIYAH! cant wait!!!!!!


  6. JMcG

    Bless his heart, he thinks he’s Usher….


  7. BlackNLatin

    Sex Intelligent sounds amazin!!


  8. Dillon_68

    Sex Intelligent sounds crazy sexy, like the Falsetto of the Love King album. I think Sweat It Out served that purpose on the last album.


  9. xxx

    bet he want a grammy for that performance

    horrible….cant hear his voice anymore


  10. cosmolitetz

    gawt damn this guy sucks live


  11. meeks

    i like the dream but he do need to stop trying to perform well dancing he aint diddy. but still lookin 4ward to the album


  12. meeks

    oh yeah he actually sonded decent on that “sex intelligent” he wasnt trying TOO hard. his vocals werent that bad


  13. Dillon_68

    The Love Queen song is actually called “Panties To The Side”.


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