Album Snippets: Trina – ‘Amazin”


Listen to 30-second snippets from Trina’s Amazin’ prior to its May 4th release. The rap diva’s fifth album includes the single “Million Dollar Girl” featuring Diddy and Keri Hilson, plus guest appearances from Monica, Nicki Minaj, Lil Wayne, Rick Ross, Flo Rida, and more.

1. “Amazin’” Intro
2. “That’s My Attitude”
3. “Million Dollar Girl” feat. Keri Hilson and Diddy
4. “On Da Hush” feat. Shonie
5. “Dang a Lang” feat. Lady Saw and Nicki Minaj
6. “I Want It All” feat. Monica
7. “White Girl” feat. Flo Rida and Git Fresh
8. “My Bitches”
9. “By Myself”
10. “Always” feat. Monica
11. “Currency” feat. Lil Wayne and Rick Ross
12. “Make Way” feat. Lyfe Jennings
13. “Let Dem Hoes Fight” feat. Kalenna
14. “Showing Out” feat. Trey Songz
15. “Capricorn”

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  1. carl

    Sounds a bit lazy to me.


  2. Christopher Brian Stallings

    her album is going to flop and i hop it make it on the charts because this is not the music people are use to hearing from her so i wish her luck with this album but i will be buying the album to support her music. this album sucks and it’s going to flop bad charts watch see and her last album sound better then this one and her million girl single did not even make it on the billboard hot 100


  3. Kyle

    I personally think this sounds like her best album since “Diamond Princess.” Her last 2 albums had some strong cuts but as whole didn’t really cater to my liking. Trina is just one of those rappers who aren’t progressive IMO. She always raps about the same thing and that’s SEX. She just finds 9123719317931923 different ways to say the exact same thing. That aside though, she is one of the very few female rappers who have remained pretty consistant over the past decade so I really respect her grind. I’ll probably buy this.


  4. anonymous

    she looks like beyonce on this cover..hahaha


  5. BowChickaWahWah

    Hmm, I like numbers 3, 5, 7, and 13.


  6. U Serious?

    This is absolutely horrible. Who allowed her to put this crap out? So many featured artists and the songs are still wack not even them can save her career. The album is gonna flop too. Trina just stick to fashion please and stop killing music NEXT!


  7. bodacious

    trina is a very beautiful artist, and her album cover is out of sight, make up is on point and she looks really sassy and sexy and i wish her luck and much success with her new album!!!!!


  8. Stephonne

    It sounds… good : ). I would never in the past buy a whole Trina album. she has had more success with singles than whole albums but this is a tight cohesive body of work. It really has a mass appeal to its sound which is the key to sales. Good production and way better lyrics. I dig it.


  9. Michael Burmeister

    @ #1, #2, and #6


    Seriously, I LOVE tracks #4, #6, #9, #10, #12, and #15 (the last of which is her best track yet)

    (what happened to Lady Gaga on #13? Why does the singer on #14 get no credit?)

    Seriously, glad she’s doing good with her life…Now if only she could dump that MARRIED NBA player and get with someone who’ll have her as his ONE AND ONLY…


  10. Lindsay

    You know I have to give it to Trina; she has remained pretty relevant where some female rappers have fallen off, 5 CD’s thats something. But I have to agree that she raps about the same thing over and over again, and this album is like a feature album, why does she always have others on 95% of her songs, its HER cd. That said I’m sure I’ll still get it, bc I do like her, just wished she pushed herself more.


  11. Rairio Daniels

    Man what you guys fai to realize is that the musi that is pt out is notup to th artist. rina coud make 50 songs and 20 of them could bepure fire, instead of giving us those fire ass tracks the record lables put out what they think people want to hear which is always the wrong shit. I never fault te arist, i fault the label. I always just enjoy the undergroun kut and support the artist the best way I can.


  12. infamous1

    *sigh* Its always the same old thing with trina. Sex, talking to another chicks man, shopping, etc. I’ve heard it all from her b4. I respect that this is her 5th album & she been grinding, but she doesn’t have any platinum albums, no grammys or grammy nominations. She should be a little embarrassed 2 have been in the game 4 so long & not have any major accomplishments. I hate how she always has so many features. Its a shame that she still talking about the same shit she was talking about when she came into the game. Who goes thru the same shit 4 10yrs. At what point do u grow out of shit or beyond it. I think her last album was her best album but she didn’t put out the right songs. I’m not feelin this album, but i will buy it jus 2 support her. I would love 2 see her have a platinum album.


  13. 9milli

    She ain’t nothin special. She’s a hoe with money, so u jus have 2 respect dat. Missy has 6 albums all of them are platimum. She has grammys. She took a 5 yr break, but b4 dat she was puttin out albums every yr or every other yr. & she’s droppin her 7th album this yr. Trina is smart, she paced herself. She puts albums out every 2yrs, but its the same old shit. I will respect this hoe the day she goes platinum or she finds a man 2 marry her hoe ass. As of right now the Queen of Rap is Missy Elliot based on numbers, but lyrically it would be Eve. If Lauryn Hill was still active she’d be killin these hoes.


  14. Mike

    I’m impressed for the most part. I’m not going to lie, i thought that every song would sound the game. Maybe i’ll buy the album next week..


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  16. Lukas

    FANTASTIC! SHE GOT IT MADE! and ‘Showing Out’ has Trey Songz on it


  17. Adam

    Same ol, same ol Trina… sex, money, and shopping, but I’ll probably buy it cuz I don’t want it to flop too hard


  18. Nesha

    305 stand up! love it & i will be BUYING it!


  19. devonne

    I like it but I’m kinda of disappointed that “Let Them Hoes Fight” has this other chick on it. I really wanted to hear Lady Gaga on the track.


  20. slowwivibe

    greet thing she got there,like it.but one problem do shr’s misleading us with that sexy time i though that was beyonce.


  21. HaterExterminator

    Well To Me This Album Is Hot Not Better Then Still The Baddest But A Vast Improvment She Has Done More Laid Back Tracks To Me I Love The Sex Money Shopping If She Didnt The Trina Would Not Be Trina
    And It Doesnt Matter If It Flops Are Not The Economy Is Horrible Who Actually Goes Platnium These Days…Anyway I Bought The Album And Have Been A Trina Fan Since Day 1 Much Love&Sucess To You Trina Keep Doing Your Grind And Acknowledge These Haters


  22. The1andonly

    Trina has been in the game for over 10 years!!!! I dont think some of you had hair under your armpits when she first came out. This girl has longevity. She has outlasted damn near every other female in the game. Just bought her album yesterday, and it is a great body of work. She has truly grown up and sounds like she is very comfortable with the music she is making. Amazin. check out her new blog too,


  23. TheRockstarr

    The Album is AMAZIN’!!! Keep doing your thing Trina, because WE will support you until the end!! You are the baddest,you’re amazin, the million dollar girl!! WE love you!! :)


  24. Candace

    I love Trina every since she came out with her first album. In her rhymes she expresses alot of things that the average woman can’t say in everyday life. I am a mother of two and I work from 8 to 5 monday-friday and Trina is what I rockin’ everyday all day, new and old rhymes.Keep up the good work TRINA!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!


  25. Vonnie

    I LOVE TRINA !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!


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