New Music: Ice Cube – ‘I Rep That West’

I Rep That West

The West Coast is taking the airwaves hostage this summer with new releases from Game and Ice Cube. The N.W.A. pioneer bangs out with “I Rep That West,” the first single from his new album I Am the West (July 13). “I’m too West Coast for the West Coast,” he boldly proclaims.

Download: Ice Cube – “I Rep That West”

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  1. What?

    I’m from the EC but I’ve always like WC music, this is type hot!


  2. listen

    is he serious with that wardrobe. he can never try to act hard again.


  3. Michael Burmeister


    He’s simply trying to emphasize the “WEST” aspect of this…look at the album cover sometime.

    Besides, he’s 40 years old! He’s paid his dues, so let him have a little fun nowadays!


  4. test12345

    Ice Cube is that dude. fuck what the rest has to say about him


  5. d@niz

    ice cube is so ugly, horrible, he looks like a mexican man


  6. Adwiin

    @d@niz: Why you deciding his music over his looks? geez u wack. Cube still remains of them MC’s at this age to keep the music coming album after album.


  7. BoyWonder09

    oh shit!!!! tune real hard


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