Timbaland and Rico Love Working on New Rihanna Album

In an exclusive interview with Rap-Up TV, Rico Love reveals that he was in the studio last week working on Rihanna’s new album with Timbaland. “We did some amazing, amazing records,” says the songwriter-producer known for his work with Beyoncé and Usher. “The energy was high. Timbaland is a genius.”

Rico shared a few more details about the project’s direction. “The tone of the music that I did for Rihanna with Timbaland is extremely sexy—amazingly sexy, aggressive, unapologetic. She’s one of the sexiest women in the world, so I wanted to make sure we did a record to showcase that.”

Just last month, Sean Garrett told Rap-Up.com that he had finished a “humongous radio record” for the pop star’s fifth album.

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  1. HumanitySector

    Rihanna’s label is this time going to smash hits and number one songs. They do not want to do sad and inspirational songs anymore.

    So I will not be suprised if her new album gonna be GGGBB 2.0 with elements of Rated R

    = S.M.A.S.H.


  2. Ha

    ^^theyll try atleast. Defscam can pay stations to play her records but she can not deliver live per formances. This is why she will be a singles artist and only pop in Europe cuz they will accept anything. This us tour will bomb heavily


  3. Rap*

    I cant wait.

    I really love the work, Tim and Rihanna made for GGGB and i like, that the sound will be sexy.


  4. bodacious

    @ “HA” say and think what you want about rih because she does not need you are none of the others who are always “MEAN SPIRITED” toward rih to ” DEFINE HER” rih has already made it ,,,,,


  5. h

    I don’t want a new Rihanna album… I want I new Beyoncé album, who cares about rihanna, please.


  6. bodacious

    as i comment rihanna is sitting @ ,,,#1 on the top twenty of the INTERNATIONAL CHARTS so all haters keep up that nasety mouthing rih like she can’t do this are that , because shes doing her thing while some of you are talking crap, and like i have said before counting her paper all the way to the bank.


  7. bodacious

    all of you who know that rih is very talented and can not accept the fact that she is a super star,,,keep eating and kicking them rocks,,,, while rih travels the world ,,,, on her world wide tour.


  8. bodacious

    theres so many people pissed because rih is the “SUPER STAR” who got away from you and you can’t hold her back . she has proveed to be way more than a “ONE HOT WONDER”,,,who’s mad???? you can stay mad???? you never supported her anyway, so talk is cheap and does not pay any of your bills, KEEP DOING YOUR THING RIH!!!!!


  9. bodacious

    “rude boy” has rocked to #1 becoming rihs seventh # one on the “hot dance airplay charts , making her tied with madonna both artist with ,,,seven top #1 on that chart,,,,,who’s mad?????? and that is the top of that list ,,,,not the bottom ,,, rih is at the top of that list haters ,,,,,,KEEP BAD MOUTHING RIHANNA” ,,,please keep it coming because it only tends to help her get bigger and bigger ,,,,,loosers


  10. Bom chicka wah wah

    ur a lil to passionate … But yea it is 2010…hatin should of bin left but I guess if it’s makin her more popular then keep it comin…


  11. WhatTheF

    @Ha Well if they payed the stations, don’t you think ALL her songs would be #1? Therefore, you #FAIL!

    Your mission must be to hate on the Queen. If Rihanna wasn’t on top, you wouldn’t be bashing her. Your mad because it only took her 5 years to do it, while BeyLongFace has been around since the 90′s and has to work twice as hard, while Rihanna sips a glass of lemonade…



  12. Michael Burmeister

    I hope this is her last album on Def Jam…then after that, she can go BACK TO HER ROOTS!

    (P.S. Still a fan of y’alls, Rico-glad to see you still doin’ it big-even if not on the MC thing, behind the boards and on the pen)


  13. 100% Nikehead

    Why would Rihanna leave Def-Jam? She is there number one female priority in the music business right now. Artists only leave labels when there albums dont do well and there singles dont chart well.


  14. bodacious

    @ BOM CHICKA W/W ,,,, listen hon ,,, you can only speak for yourself,,,, you can’t analysis are speak for me ,,,,, whats your point???? some of you can have the truth burned on yo azz and you are still full od crap. rih has been popular since day one ,,,, sugar ,,,, nobody has to make her popular ,,,shes known all around the world.and shes good at what she does . and thats my opinion and many million more .AND ANOTHER THING FYI,,, RIH HAS HER PARTNERS TRAVILING THE GLOBE WITH HER ,,,,,”NOKIA”,,, NOW WHAT A WAY TO GO SINCE THEY ARE ONE OF THE LARGEST TELECOMMUNICATION GROUP IN THE ENTIRE WORLD!!!!!!THE LOVE RIH AND SO DO “ME, MYSELF AND I,,, YOU BET YOUR “SWEET AZZ”!!!!!!


  15. Michael Burmeister

    @100% Nikehead

    The fans she’s gained since she sold her soul: Folks looking for the next big thing, when this fad fades, they’ll be on to the next
    The fans she’s lost: Loyal ones, who support artists staying true.

    The decision would be easy for me…



    @ h  
    you must care if you here hoe



    @ Michael she sold her sold huh, well was you there hoe?  Damn haters come a dime a dozen 


  18. Jay

    Rihanna and Ciara should collaborate!! ciara is gettin alot of hype and rih is on top right naw! it’ll b a great trending single ci and rih! aye!!! i bet it go number one cuz both of them are in the top 3 sexiest and most trending female r and b artist in the game right naw…anyone agree? or apose?


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