New Music: Eminem – ‘Despicable’ Freestyle

Eminem warms us up for his new album Recovery by delivering a rapid-fire freestyle over Drake’s “Over” and Lloyd Banks’ “Beamer, Benz, or Bentley.”

Download: Eminem – “Despicable”

Audio via Rap Radar

  • patric

    G.O.A.T damnnn :|

  • bp

    WOWWWWWWWW…to all the haters: best rapper alive

  • ASID


    EM SPAT!!

    LIKE HE SPAT!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  • mister


    damn he killed it

  • Architect

    This is what legends are made of. Best Rapper Alive = EMINEM

  • Umad?


  • Quilt

    dope! recoveryyyyy

  • WOAH!

    This is a no brainer. Eminem is the best rapper alive. This is insane!!!!!!!!

  • B

    one song doesnt make him the best rapper alive…i bet if lil wayne spit over this he would kill em

    • emisthebest

      @B, man please, get a fucking life.. lil wayne doesent even write his own fucking lyrics thats first and second if you dont believe me, go search it up :) stop being a close minded fuck, and third, even when lil wayne writes his own lyrics he still fucking sucks and he sounds like hes having an orgasim? seriously dude eminem can fuck all rappers living at this time cause they all suck at it, you should be happy eminem is keeping rapping alive, now fuck off and stop hatin, yur pathetic

      • A+L

        @emisthebest, dude your pathetic 1) u cant spell 2) lil wayne is good not as good as eminem but still eminem isnt the best rapper alive lastly you need a life he doesnt suck and eminem doesnt all these rapers have songs where they kill it eminem has alot more than wayne but still dont diss wayne

  • Really?

    @B Not Happening. Eminem is the best period. Aint nobody fuckin with Em period. Not even Wayne.

  • #Thatisall

    @B Eminem was the best rapper alive before this freestyle came out and hes the best rapper alive after this freestyle. Period.

  • Architect

    Lil wayne came out of the game as a Pad Lyricist. Em’ allready killed wayne on a young money track and his own track. Drop the world was only good cuz em’ was on it. Forever was shut down by em’. Lil wayne is a Recorder M.C., meaning he needs something around him all the time to remember which metaphors he wants to put on a track later. EM’ entered the game Dropping M.C.’s in the Rap Olympics. No main stream artist can mess with some-one as grimy that came from ST. Andrews and that’s the truth.

  • An0thrDream

    I dont care what ppl say, he’s the king of rap

  • http://www.facebook.com/people/Edward-A-Jnr/500603209 Edward A. Jnr

    Em is FUCKIN’ hungry !!!!!!!

  • http://www.facebook.com/people/Edward-A-Jnr/500603209 Edward A. Jnr

    Em is F****G HUNGRY !!!!!!!!

  • Nathi

    Thats what i was about to say architect

  • Danny Williamson

    There’s no two ways about it best freestyle i’ve heard in a long time!!! Eminem Best Rapper Alive???? Followed by Jay-Z,Drake and Lil Wayne for me at the minute.

  • WayneGayDrake

    I CAN’T EVEN STAND to read Lil Wayne and Eminem in the same sentence. Waynes not even Ok….
    Hes So So..ya know?
    And Drakes alright, but the dudes been in the game for a few minutes.
    Em is like the Grandfather clock…
    tic toc as kim liks on the cock

    Em killed it! You better duck for cover with this fucker Recovers!

  • Jay_Z

    is it just Em stans commenting? Really he didn’t kill nothing…Drake’s still sounded better. (Not saying Lil Wayne is better than Eminem) But Weezy would have done a better freestyle…no ceiling baby!!!
    But still try again Em. Lol

  • brooke

    best rapper ever

  • EM’ Forever

    Eminem is literally the best rapper alive. Right after 2pac and biggie. Lil Wayne is shit, not only does he rap about absolutly nothing he tried to get into rock….!Dont even get me started cause Lil wayne isnt even a rapper. Drake… well hes not terrible, he just hasnt been around long enough. Em’tells stories and has meaning and hidden meaning in every single song. and his new “Not Afraid” is banging.

  • cala

    Jay_Z….idn if u realized…but…the song is eminem ripping on drake…wayne wouldn’t of freestyled it better cause he would have no meaning behind it…it juss be random rymes like usual

  • SPUR

    best freestyle known to mankind