New Music: Game f/ Justin Timberlake & Pharrell – ‘Ain’t No Doubt About It’

Game and Justin Timberlake

J.T. (Jayceon Taylor) teams up with another J.T. (Justin Timberlake) on the first radio single from Game’s R.E.D. Album (June 15). The summer smash was produced by Pharrell and evokes an early Neptunes sound. Shouts to DJ Skee.

Download: Game f/ Justin Timberlake & Pharrell – “Ain’t No Doubt About It” [Tagged]

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  1. Brice

    Very summer song!!!
    Stan justin talk


  2. Mii


    I think its safe to say that he should STOP clowning on g-unit.

    because even there bad first singles were better than this.


  3. Waldson

    Let’s face it.Game is clown and this song it’s trash


  4. a what!!

    the beat is why too poppy for the game. He wasn’t even necessary on the song even if its his.

    And one more thing, why do rappers feel obligated to work with timberlake. Yea he has a nice voice (if high pitched males are ur thing) but it seeems like he’s trying to be hard when he softer than charmin.


  5. This Aint It

    This beat is so wack. Pharrell must have given him one of his leftover beats cause this is just horrible. Neptunes are known for crazy beats and this isnt it. I would have told Pharrell to throw this beat in the garbage.


  6. JD

    I like Justin but why is game trying to be so commerical? Make west coast music not some generic mainstream trash.


  7. John

    another garbage song by game he needs to apologize to 50 cent and go back to g-unit


  8. Fool

    I see it definitely growing on me and get a old Neptune beat from this


  9. Fool

    I like it


  10. Mike

    Eh, i was not expecting this. I guess i was thinking more of an “Ayo Technology” vibe. This beat sounds really dated and Game’s voice is too deep for this song.


  11. aton

    I feel the game and justin did a great job. However, it seems like the beat is too stripped down. It sounds like a ‘Justified” song without Chad’s magic. I’m sure this is the only song like this on the album. Its good because it sounds like vintage neptunes though; kinda reminds of Snoop Dogg’s “Beautiful.”


  12. Barbie

    that beat reminds me of Kanye West’s Homecoming… what yall think?


  13. real

    SERIOUSLY??? and game expects to be considered a hip hop artist! doesn’t know the meaning of hip hop. time he gave up and admitted to being a pop ass musician. PATHETIC!!!!!


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