Rap-Up TV: Game Co-Signs Justin Bieber

Yep, you heard that right. Compton’s tough-talking rapper is down with Canada’s pop sensation. Game has given his stamp of approval to Usher’s 16-year-old protégé Justin Bieber.

“I like the kid. I seen him perform. He’s a livewire. He gets it done,” the West Coast MC told Rap-Up TV. “He’s another artist that breaks the color lines. I love when people come along and they do that. Everybody loves this kid and he seems like a good kid. More power to him.”

As it turns out, Game’s two-year-old son King is a fan of Bieber, but don’t expect to see his father copping the CD. “Too many camera phones, man.”

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  1. PrinceBj

    Wow dats wats up tho!


  2. PrinceBj

    And im first! wowzer


  3. Edward A. Jnr

    That’s cool haha!


  4. Pinoy

    Hopefully we won’t see Justin Bieber with Game too much cause kid might become a blood.


  5. JD

    He clearly has no taste in music



    loves justin b


  7. Lil' Nello

    Ha funny shit lol!


  8. UltraKid

    Game has stop being so nice to the media…Now let’s ask a drunk Kanye the same question and he’ll speak the truth.


  9. Trey



  10. Maria

    First of all it’s sketch you would take the time to make that video haha. Second I know at least one of the phtoos is edited (the last one) because you can see the actual version with armpit hair all over the internet so that’s awkward. Dear god next thing you know you’re going to post a video seeing if Miley Cyrus really does have a blonde highlight on the left side of her head. In other words, NO ONE GIVES A SHIT.


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