Video: Toni Braxton Performs on ‘Ellen’

Toni Braxton

Toni Braxton gave a heart-pumping performance of her new single “Make My Heart” on Tuesday’s “Ellen DeGeneres Show,” her first appearance in five years. The R&B icon’s new album Pulse drops next Tuesday.

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  1. fi

    she could have used prerecorded vocals and a wind machine like all wannabe divas that look like trannies do these days…
    she chose to sing it! And dance to it
    and still sounds better than 80% of other pop acts of today
    werk Toni


  2. Mike

    This song has grown on me… amazing performance


  3. oh yes

    damn 2 kids in her 40s and still fine as hell new album out next week all tracks fire too! welcome back ms. braxton!


  4. dzemilnowthats a true singer!

    now that’s a true vocalist! my baby Toni is doing her thing!!!

    can’t wait to get Pulse next week!!!


  5. Mike

    Damn, i love Toni. I am without a doubt buying the new album on Tuesday.


  6. Fritzma

    Welcome Back Diva..Can’t wait to get my hands on Pulse..


  7. RvR

    i wanna see her do Hands Tied live


  8. (T)In ThE zOnE

    great performance, great song,great artist
    n im sure pulseis gon be a great album
    cant wait for next week XD


  9. s0nny

    AMAZING preformance
    Cant wait to get pulse all preordered just waiting for it lol.
    She be preforming Hands Tied on the Mo’Nique Show soon!


  10. Brent

    WOW AMAZING performance, damn toni get it


  11. Nonya

    Praying Brent!Father, please take care of Michelle, Abby and Toni toinght. Father, hold and protect them in Your hands. Father, keep them warm and comfortable. Please have the right staff and all of what Abby needs quickly on hand. Please ease Abby’s discomfort toinght. Let her be a witness to every nurse and doctor giving her care. Bring others around them that know You intimately that can be encouraging toinght. Father, give peace and comfort to all the Rigg family at home waiting to hear that Abby is doing OK. We ask all of this in Jesus’ name. AMEN!Love you all,Jill


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