Rico Love Says Diddy-Dirty Money Album Will Be Worth the Wait

Rico Love drops knowledge on Diddy-Dirty Money’s oft-delayed album Last Train to Paris, which has been over a year in the making. The super-successful hitmaker, who penned the first single “Hello Good Morning,” among other tracks, assures us it’ll be worth the wait.

“I think this Last Train to Paris album is gonna be an exceptional album,” he told Rap-Up TV. “It’s gonna be one of the best albums to come out in the past five, six years. It’s gonna be mentioned with 808s & Heartbreak, College Dropout, Blueprint 3, and Dangerously in Love. It has that possibility to be that big.”

In addition to T.I., expected collaborations on Last Train include Nicki Minaj, Rick Ross, and Lil Wayne.

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  1. Give it up - girl


    A. I really doubt that dis album is going to be better than any of da albums above

    and B. I didn’t even think dangerously in love wuz dat good of a album
    so wuteva


  2. meh

    holla @ dangerously in love


  3. Rhino

    That’s the thing about Rico Love…unlike most other songwriters, he’s organic in his style (even in his occasional MC position, he doesn’t write anything down-just takes a good idea and runs with it!) Also, he’s always excited about the work he does and how he gets to work with artists he idolized as a youngster…2010 is the year he takes over-TURN THE LIGHTS ON!

    P.S. It was inevitable that he’d write for Diddy someday…they both have nearly identical voices (listen to any of his past raps, or his songwriting demos!)


  4. bijan

    I’m so excited for LTTP!


  5. listen

    i think we need to start holding these songwriters accountable Rap Up! you’ve been able to interview a few who continually hype of these records, and then when they drop, they are pretty weak. Ex. Sean Garrett hyping up Nicki Minaj’s lackluster first single. I think the feedback video that you posted said it all. I doubt Diddy’s album will do anything. He’s been hyping this shit up really since last year (with that video of him and “Dirty Money” blasting music from his jeep in Central Park), and after three or four singles, I still don’t hear anybody on the streets anticipating this project. The same with Usher and the hype he got for his album….yawn! Career is pretty much over. Songwriters trying to get shine too early. Let the music speak for itself.


  6. 100% Nikehead

    Rico Love is probobly the best songwriter out right now. His songwriting skills are incredible. He can go from doing a urban record to a pop record and u wouldnt even know he wrote it. He wrote probobly one of the best Usher songs ever “There Goes My Baby”. I rather listen to him over Sean garrett cause i know Last Train To paris is gonna be an amazing album and Kelly Rowlands new single Commander is already getting major buzz.


  7. Jesse Dereon Francois

    yes most def…. he is very talented.. it would be an honor to work with him.. he is reallly making a name for him


  8. BoyWonder09

    PAUSE!!! did this negro jus say as big as 808′s and Heartbreaks lololol, i respect him as a writer buh damn!!!


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