Single Cover: Drake – ‘Find Your Love’

Find Your Love

Drake’s second single “Find Your Love” debuts later today. In the meantime, check out the black-and-white artwork for the Kanye West production.

UPDATE: It looks like the single won’t premiere until Thursday.

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  1. lild9

    Do you know what time specifically? i live in australia and just need to know if itll premiere in a couple of hours or if its gonna premiere tomorrow morning (WA Time)?


  2. UltraKid

    Kanye West best producer PERIOD.


  3. CRyno39

    So pumped. Hopefully this song can come through and keep the buzz flying high till Jun 15th.


  4. P`

    Curious about the production! Kanye!! Didn’t liked Shut It Down. So hope this one sounds better! Over is over i guess?


  5. #Thatisall

    For some weird reason i have a feeling im not gonna like this song on first listen. We will see though


  6. CRyno39

    I know Over was the first official single, but if this takes up radio, then Over might be seen more as the buzz single or promotional single. Hopefully this one can catch fire


  7. Drizzle Nuts

    @ CRyno39

    Over already dont lit up on fire son, Its already top 20 hot 100 on the billboards and gets bumped nonstop.


  8. 100% Nikehead

    As a second single this needs to be the song that sets the tone for the album otherwise Drake might not sell as much. Over was a very good song but this needs to be THE ONE. You need a song that will attract people on first listen and make people wanna go out and purchase the album when it drops


  9. R

    I have a feelin its gonna be a banger… hopin..its my bday so that’ll be a nice like bday present for my ears haha


  10. L

    o o o o oh my
    cant wait
    does anyone know when its releasin? the time i mean ..


  11. FG

    ahhhh !! i can’t wait!!! i’m so excited to listen to “find your love”. Drake never disappoints.


  12. Dillon_68

    CAN’T FREAKIN WAIT, Im a sucker for Kanye’s productions!


  13. mobi

    I listened to this song and it’s one of the best beats ever !!! Waiting to hear it in CDQ.


  14. P

    How many ours we’ll have to wait? ;)


  15. bodacious

    love drake and his music, hes a young artist whos got it going on .


  16. kate

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  17. Cam

    Boi-1da = best producer ever


  18. CRyno39

    It should be dropping any minute now. Oh, and @Drizzle Nuts, I know Over has gotten pretty big, and I love that song as much as the next person, but I’m really hoping this is the ONE, just like 100% Nikehead said. But I have faith that Drizzy knows what he’s doing.


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