Video: Esmée Denters f/ Justin Timberlake – ‘Love Dealer’

Justin Timberlake and Esmée Denters

Justin Timberlake joins his YouTube discovery Esmée Denters on a downtown L.A. rooftop in the video for “Love Dealer,” the new single from her U.S. debut album. The former Dutch pancake house waitress went from recording videos on her webcam to signing a deal with the pop superstar’s Interscope imprint Tennman Records. Get another fix of Esmée by reading our interview with her.

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  1. SM

    I’m sooo loving the latest justinTimberlake-produced tracks!!!


  2. SM

    and Esmee’s album is veryy good!


  3. Pablo

    so catchy!


  4. shawty gets it in

    wack video, alright voice, pretty girl, nothin original

    dis girl aint gonna nowhere even if she is prolly boinking jt


  5. Lawea

    I dont get the concept
    and this video looks the same as Admit It
    come on Esmee….they need to hire a new video treatmenter person


  6. Patrick

    She looks great in the video!! love her!
    So refreshing than today´s way too loud mess/trash/garbage “music”

    @shawty alright voice??? Hahaha you must have a hearing disorder! Try again.


  7. Miercoles

    @patrick: nobody here has a hearing disorder. this girl doesn’t have a great voice, she’s just ok, and this song is just a neo-80′s track, it sounds like a nelly furtado’s 2006 album leftover..


  8. test12345

    JT didn’t produce this one. Stargate did.


  9. mal

    its kina hot


  10. rome

    she’s not gonna be selling stadiums out no time soon r ever. she’s cute tho she wont pop to the mass audience


  11. D35iB0i

    the version with jay sean is better. im mad jay sean wasnt in the video. jt said that jay sean would be on the video, however, the song is pretty decent


  12. Billy

    I don’t know… this song sounds like a filler track on an album that should have much better songs, but sadly doesn’t.

    I dunno if Esmee’s going to blow up with this one… but she’s got a lot of talent!


  13. omg

    So far her album was in the dutch top 10. So shut up.


  14. Zorian

    Reminds me why I can’t stand POP music. Not even Timberland’s beats can save this corny ass song. Justin, ain’t it time for you to find yourself a gorgeous Sistah and settle down and make some beautiful caramel babies dude? Lol.


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