Exclusive: Shakira Returns to Studio for Edgy, Dance Album


Less than six months after releasing her English album She Wolf, Shakira is back at work on her next project, Rap-Up.com has exclusively learned.

Producer Jim Jonsin (T.I., Beyoncé) and songwriter Rico Love (Usher, Diddy) were in the studio with the Colombian bombshell earlier this month. “I worked with Shakira a few weeks ago in Miami. We did two sessions together,” Rico told Rap-Up TV. “She’s working on another album.”

Fans of the “Gypsy” can expect to see her shake her famous hips once again with the new music, which Rico described as having a “more pop, edgy” sound. “She wanted to really dance on this record and do what made her famous in America, a ‘Whenever, Wherever’-type vibe,” he revealed.

Despite her global superstar status, there were no diva antics in the lab. “She’s really a sweetheart. We got along really good,” said Rico. “She understands what she wants, she knows her strong points, and she demands that.”

On July 11, Shakira will perform “Waka Waka (This Time for Africa),” the official song of 2010 FIFA World Cup, at the closing ceremony before the FIFA World Cup Final at Johannesburg Soccer City Stadium in South Africa.

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  1. 22nd century

    Everybody wants to do dance. This is so lame now.


  2. Dave

    I’ll buy. “She Wolf” was on point, i’m sure this will too!


  3. P

    HAHA. She flopped HARD with She Wolf! No wonder she’s back in the studio already.


  4. joei

    hell yes.. it will be fire.


  5. Rad

    blah gross. extraño la shakira de ayer…


  6. alex

    this is going to be a bilingual album, predomainig spanish tracks.


  7. missingbeyonce

    stupid haters she already done some dance songs on she wolf and the album was hot i hope she release men in this town as the last single


  8. Kyle

    “She Wolf” was her most critically acclaimed album but her worst received sales wise. Funny how that stuff happens. Anyway, I was one of the ones who bought it and I actually really enjoyed it. I’ll be anticipating the next album as well.


  9. bijan

    I loev Shakira!


  10. Baron

    Yeah I don’t think even think “She Wolf” cracked 2 million worldwide, not at all a good number for her. The problem was that she was all over the place trying to release a single for every territory and it backfired.

    But I would agree with 22nd century – everyone is trying to do dance now and it’s wearing me out. No wonder Maxwell, Monica, and Erykah Badu’s albums have gotten such good reception – people wanna chill out too, geez.


  11. Jeffery J-Boe

    Shakira Just Needs To Re-Release “She-Wolf” With Some New, & Hot Tracks To Boost The Album Sells, But Other Than That I Love When Shakira Moves Them Hips… She Moves Them Hips Like It’s Nothing, Especially In “Beautiful Liar” With Beyonce/B./Honey Bee/B.B., Now That Was Hott… Shakira For 2010.


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  13. Amauri

    my past 2 guitars have been from there: a BC Rich Warlock , and now a WI65 Washburn the place is very nice and the guys are finredly and always helpful. You can’t walk out of there except with a smile on your face . now, we gotta get Dream Theater to play in Leb .


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