Lady Gaga Named TIME’s Most Influential Artist in the World [Update]


Lady Gaga earns top honors on the 2010 TIME 100, the magazine’s annual ranking of the world’s most influential people. The 24-year-old pop superstar placed No. 1 on the list of artists who most affect our world, beating out Oprah Winfrey, Prince, Elton John, and Marc Jacobs. She joins the company of leaders such as President Obama, Bill Clinton, and Steve Jobs.

“When I see somebody like Gaga, I sit back in admiration. I’m inspired to pick up the torch again myself,” wrote mentor Cyndi Lauper. “She isn’t a pop act, she is a performance artist. She herself is the art. She is the sculpture.”

Find out who influences Gaga by watching the interview below.

UPDATE: Since first publishing the list earlier today, TIME has edited it to remove the rankings by replacing numbers with bullets. The names are now considered to be in no particular order.

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  1. Tony



  2. Baron

    This is a tremendous honor for a newcomer. She deserves it – she has been working her ass off!

    Though I did think she was going to tribute her fans as her most important influence.


  3. emmanuel

    You gotta be kidding me. This list is a bad list.seriously lady gaga most influentual??


  4. Kay

    My aunt was talking about Gaga and said “Well, they’ve been waiting for someone like her for almost 20 years” lol. I definitely think she is the only one who can save the industry because she has the whole package. Interesting videos, catchy music, and the best performance artist of our time. Not to mention she can actually play an instrument, write songs, and sing ON KEY *gasps* that is almost unheard of in pop music lmao.


  5. missingbeyonce

    gaga look hot here weird she should alwys look like `that and yes shes great But no one was waiting for someone we already have amazing artits way Before gaga came up


  6. nick

    Wow shes done so so well, and deserves this SO much, shes really helped ALOT of people since shes been around. Amazing, incredible women.


  7. wick it tup

    idk about singing on KEY but if u say so


  8. UltraKid

    I think Kanye West deserves the title more because he’s an inspiration to the kids of Chicago—He supports education and gives free concerts to the kids of Chicago that get good grades plus Kanye has started alot of trends in Hip Hop and fashion. Everybody look at your tight cloth wearing self in the mirror then look at Kanye and look at how he influenced you in fashion. Nobody ghetto was wearing giant nerd glasses, tight cloth, Aeropostle, American Eagle, Lui Vuiton or GAP before him. The Electronica phase that music going through all started with Graduation and 808′s, Rapping/Singing about your feelings, He popularized sampling again along with Just Blaze, and he always keeps it real. He stood up for the African American community during Hurrican Katrina.


  9. 22nd century

    Shes such a gimmick and a fake.
    Gaga should be sending checks to all the ppl shes copied. Oh and her music sucks. Theres nothing special about it.


  10. drtash

    ^what???KANYE WEST???…THE MOST ARROGANT FOOL IN THE BUSINESS????ROFLMAO….That’s a joke right????Nobody’s more full of himself than he is!!!lol. I know it’s your opinion and all but….LMAO.


  11. drtash

    That was directed at Ultrakid.


  12. missingbeyonce

    i know pepole will think im a crazy fan but beyonce done alot since she came out donate money to chruch and helping alot of pepole and donate to haiti she done alot


  13. Tonya

    I’m going to give it to the Lady, your right there are other artist out there that sing better, or look better, etc, but Gaga has had people talking and excited about music and performances again. It’s pop music, it’s supposed to be fun, fast and cool, which she does. And Beyounce, she can sing I know, but come on she has made the same CD like 3 times already, just saying.


  14. UltraKid

    Didn’t I just point out why he deserved it—Everyone has an ego but seriously you’re going to forger everything Kanye has done because he has an Ego??? That’s seems stupid plus Lady Gaga hasn’t done anything besides dress like a freak. Kanye, Jay-Z, Beyonce, Nas, Damian Marley, Common, K’Naan and hell even T.I. should deserve more than Gaga. What has Gaga done besides trying so hard to be weird and making music that’s only meh.


  15. viewer

    how can you mention lady gaga and not mention Didier Drogba, the soccer superstar on the cover?


  16. parisian girl

    because they don’t know who he is,lol
    did u forgot they are americans,they don’t know anything about soccer


  17. XR2

    ^^ this is a music website. if that’s the case, why didn’t they mention all 100 people on the list? what a dumb comment.


  18. missingbeyonce

    @Tonya beyonce always show growth in her albums and growth as a peformer and everything and her albums are so diffrent than the other


  19. Jeffery J-Boe

    Yes, Yes, Yes… As I Said Before “Lady GaGa For 2010.”


  20. missingbeyonce

    yeah the thing i like about her that she always work thats good and this year album will be her best


  21. Michelle

    These people most be smoking weed.Didier Drogba, he gets reds card 3 years in roll in he last game in the champions leaque for acting like a bitch, trying fight res and players.No only that he is always arogant. if these folks think that is what idols shld do then it is sad. Then lady gaga,all she knows is how attract people with her oufits than poke an eye(check the 2010 grammys red carpet). Apart from that how is she influential.Someone explain it to me please.


  22. JD

    She kills people in her videos, she dresses like a freak of nature and she swagger jacks everyone around her and thats influencial?


  23. TYBO2020



  24. TYBO2020



  25. emmanuel

    These people don’t know the meaning of being influential. I like L. gaga, but I’m sorry theres alot of other artist that done far more than gaga.


  26. Mike

    Lady Gaga is so annoying. Why does her music have to be some mission? Why she can’t she just perform her music and just take it as it is like Britney. There’s just something about her that’s not genuine.


  27. viewer

    XR2 i know this is a music website, but they have news of anybody who’s black and famous in the U.S. on this website very often. Drogba is a great soccer player, one of the best, he’s probably the only African-born striker who can be compared to the Rooney’s and Ronaldo’s and Messi’s at the moment. I bet if they had Chad Ochocinco or Reggie Bush on the time100 cover they would show it here.


  28. Monster

    Lady Gaga came in the game and did what none of your faves could do. This girl has 6 consecutive #1 pop songs, she’s the most viewed person on youtube in HISTORY, a fashion icon, praised by the Cyndi Laupers, Madonnas & Elton John’s of the world, sells out shows around the world on top of being a singer, songwriter and a musician. People in music who matter praise this girl because she turned the entire industry UPSIDE DOWN. She’s the reason why your faves all of sudden wanna feel sexy and make dance records. She’s the one that has the entire world dressing like her.

    THATS why she’s influential.


  29. Mike



  30. True Blue

    Well Sarah Palin is on that list too, so I don’t think this is an honor they’re super nit-picky about, lol… besides the one thing that holds Lady Gaga back for me is the music. Without the visuals to distract you, nobody would care for her. At least Michael Jackson and Madonna made interesting music to back up their image, or nobody would remember them today. They permanently changed music and pop culture. Their music stands the test the time. That matters more than the image. I wonder if Gaga’s music can stand the test of time.

    But if popular music does improve in quality overall, and the standards for talent do go back up, then I’ll give her her props. If not, then she hasn’t really done anything to “turn the music industry upside down”. I mean, yeah she sold tons of records and is popular everywhere, but how long can she keep that up? She’s been in the game for only two years…remember Ashanti seemed untouchable for two years?


  31. True Blue

    Wait a minute.. she’s number ONE?!?!?! I didn’t read that part, WTF?!?! What next, Justin Bieber is gonna be on the list next year?


  32. jen

    Gaga has achieved so much in such a short time.Its amazing. She really works her ass of,is a very talented song-writer n musician n her understanding of the importance of showmanship is incredible.Yeah she is not truly original but nobody is truly original because everything has already been done b4. Its all a matter of taking 4rm the past n adding ur own twist to it n dats what Gaga does. In the current mainstream pop context nobody is like Gaga.She truly is a breath of fresh air. The level of stardom she has reached all around the world in just 2 years is mindblowing.


  33. Lady GaGa…Most Influential « Music Today

    [...] Gaga, I sit back in admiration. I’m inspired to pick up the torch again myself,” wrote mentor Cyndi Lauper. “She isn’t a pop act, she is a performance artist. She herself is the art. She is the [...]

  34. gcdgfd

    I’m not sure she deserves this…shes way overhyoed…and just because she wears carzy things ppl think shes the second comin…PLZ!!!…ppl like snooki made the list…this is absolute bullshit…preety soon ppl will tire of her…sad really that theres no more real talent in the world…and ppl tend to throw the word “icon” around so much…shes not deserving


  35. fdgfdgf

    Oh god…theres no hope for the world…


  36. Blah blah

    Lady Gaga is extremely influential. She writes her own music, is extremely talented, and she got to where she is today on her own standing. She’s worked her ass off to get discovered (in clubs on the lower east side scene) and has so far produced two albums, with a third in the making. She’s so famousnow but still works just as hard, she isnt laying back to revel in her fame. She teaches people to work hard and to be ambitious and you’ll get places. That in itself is influential. She also teached people to be themselves. She wears what she wants to wear, and doesn’t care is people think she’s crazy, which is the message that she’s trying to pass on, be yourself no matter what anyone else says. Even if you don’t like her music or the way she dresses, watch some interviews with her (such as the oprah interview on youtube) and you’ll understand her a bit better.


  37. jizzer

    I jizz a table spoon everytime I blow


  38. poo drumsticks

    I enjoy licking out men’s sphincters


  39. Dad of Lady Gaga lover

    Influential? Sure. She just sang to millions yesterday on the Today Show, “take a bite of my bad girl meat.” Some may say she’s bettering the music industry. I think she’s indoctrinating little girls like my daughter that to be anyone in this world, you have to use your body and your sexuality. Sad.


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