Cassie and M.I.A. After the Met Gala


After attending last night’s star-studded Met Costume Institute Gala, Cassie changed into something more comfortable, but still preserved her sexy in true Bad Girl fashion. Designer Alexander Wang’s muse M.I.A. also smiled for the cameras while walking the streets of Manhattan with fiancĂ© Benjamin Brewer following the stylish event.

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  1. g3

    Cassie is a badd bish modeling is a better fit for her just give up on the singing, face it u were a one hit wonder babe


  2. bijan

    I like Cassie but I’m getting this weird feeling she’s gotten some botox or somethin’ done since the last time we saw her.


  3. domo

    M.I.A hates gaga with a passion yet still what she wore to the met gala..gaga wore already..i see somebody doing their research. Lol


  4. UltraKid

    M.I.A. never said she hated Gaga—It was more like she exposed Gaga for being highly overrated and nobody is biting off Gaga aka the girl who tries so hard to be wierd.


  5. 22nd century

    STFU fag.
    M.I.A. is not thinking about that fraud tranny Kaka.


  6. Cute CHica

    I’m sorry but what exactly does Cassie do nowadays??? Besides be Diddy’s side girl??? Sometimes I think they just photograph and invite people places based off their looks. If she was fat and ugly her ass would be nowhere.

    As for MIA, she is looking fabulous as usual. Still playing the new video. Its on repeat.


  7. BlackNLatin

    Cassie & M.I.A. look great!


  8. chet

    i think i just nut all over myself. damn, cassie is gorgeous. i’m really interested to hear her new album after hearing “skydiver.” she really stepped her game up.


  9. JD

    Why is dude in the background taking a picture of her? she’s a nobody!


  10. Danielle

    @Cute Chica Why so much hate and envy? Cassie is a singer and an established model who just happens to be dating a mogul and last I checked in order to be a sidepiece he had to have someone in the front, which he doesn’t cause when was the last time you saw him with Kim? Evidently they are not together since you have seen Cassie more than her. And here is a note in case you did not know, beautiful people unlike you get invited to special affairs such as this because it is good for the asthetic of the event. Hate that Cassie is beautiful? Tough it is the way it is, that is why she is at the events getting photographed and why you are talking about het from a computer screen. Have a nice boring life. Cassie rock on and do you. The haters have taken notice.


  11. Sabrina

    I agree JD. I like MIA tho.


  12. Shiddy

    cassie looks pretty happy for a long term unemployed.


  13. Jalil



  14. jj

    cassie <3333333
    want her new music now :(


  15. leer

    why did u shave your hair?


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