Rap-Up TV: Toni Braxton Dishes on Drake, Whitney Houston, and Today’s Divas

It’s not every day you get to speak with an R&B icon. Grammy-winning songstress Toni Braxton has sold over 40 million records worldwide, starred on Broadway and in her own Vegas show, and released six studio albums, including her latest Pulse, which arrives in stores and online today.

Rap-Up TV had the chance to chat with the “Un-Break My Heart” singer about her first project in five years, why she loves Drake, potential collaborations with Usher and Alicia Keys, which of today’s divas she’s listening to, and the scrutiny surrounding her peer Whitney Houston. Plus, if she and R. Kelly had a baby, which R&B singer would it be? Toni tells all.

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  1. ToniBraxtonFAN

    The Album Is in STORES NOW


  2. 22nd century



  3. Jeffery J-Boe

    I Agree @ToniBraxtonFAN, & 22nd century… Toni Braxton Album Is Amazing, and She Always Looks Smoking Hott… I Just Love Toni B., Toni B. For 2010.


  4. Toni_Liscious

    She just has a voice to die for even when she talks. Nice


  5. fritzma

    Toni Braxton is one fine lady,..Pulse is out guys, go support Real Talent..


  6. Pucci

    haha, toni is such a kooger, but she is hella talented.


  7. dzemil

    I got my copy and this album is a 10/10. No fillers on this one!!!


  8. Cute CHica

    She was being SO REAL in that interview and thats why I love her. I like when she kept thinking about which divas she wanted to say lol. You know she don’t like a couple of them. Alot of the older artists don’t like em though. So its not surprising.


  9. BowChickaWahWah

    She’s fun.


  10. John

    Toni, why did you take the bait re Whitney. The media just can’t stop talking about her and neither can you. She didn’t dish to Rap-up or other blogs/magazines re your 2 bankruptcies etc. SMH!
    Now, I have to give you the sideye!

    @RAPUP- Why don’t u show a few of the clips from Whitney’s show in milan yesterday, she got great reviews ans several standing ovations. The ‘Voice’ is coming back and getting stronger. Trust!


  11. thisiswilly

    yeah! Toni!! I love you!

    but u need to send HANDS TIED to Urban ASAP. I want u to get huge success with this album. Urban AC is the smallest format. U need bigger market! LOVE U!!!!


  12. s0nny

    love it! interesting with the possible Alicia Collabo!
    Pulse is an amazing album!


  13. Libra

    This is the best interview Toni has done for this era. Very entertaining! Thanks Rap-Up.


  14. pretty????

    lmao @ toni’s comment on drake… dats exactly how he is


  15. shawty gets it in

    did she say Why don’t you love me? i literally heard that beyonce song 20 seconds ago


  16. Liah

    I really enjoyed this interview!

    She likes Drake for the same reason I do. He has a sexy speaking voice. I like the contrast between his proper interview voice and then his deep throaty rap vocals.


  17. WhatTheF

    Even Toni Braxton loves QUEEN RIHANNA!

    U MAD?


  18. MIKE






  19. Mike

    I love Toni, everything about her.

    Unfortunately, i worked all day so i wasn’t able to pick up the album but i definitely will be tomorrow. I’v been waiting years for this album.


  20. Eugene

    Who the hell is Toni Braxton to be making comments like that about Whitney? This Bitch needs to sit down and keep her trap shut. She’s always getting up in other people’s business. She’s the fool who walked around with a ‘Team Aniston’ t-shirt on. Which other celebrity in Hollywood intruded on the Aniston-Pitt-Jolie debacle like that? No one! And now Toni’s dishing out advice on a living legend that could outsell her bankrupt ass in her sleep!!! Sit down bitch and mind your business, cause Whitney don’t need your hating!!!


  21. els1985

    Toni didnt say nothing bad about whitney she said people are being too hard on her n you do know that whitney and toni are good friends. Whitney is the best but maybe she should take it slow with her tours. Toni im def buying your album.


  22. maxim

    I love U . Toni . X


  23. Danie

    she needs to keep her opionions to her dam self. She has fallen off big time and whitney doesn’t need her dam advice. I wasn’t on planning to buy her new cd anyway you can never understand what the hell she says in her song. She sings like shes eating a candy bar.


    aerqdee Reply:

    @Danie, Whitney has taken the ultimate fall off


  24. Nipfan

    Toni, I like you but you made me put the pause button on you when you openned your trap regarding Whitney. You have no idea what she is doing. Her voice in these last 3 concerts will shat on you and she’s getting good reviews, unfortunately the media only reports bad news.

    What I always like about Nippy is she has never dissed another artist, she goes out of her way to compliment them. You, Toni, have so many problems and Whitney has never tried to give you advice through a blog or the media.

    You know better, not cool and you will be getting no love from me. A lot of Whitney fans are upset about this and she has millions all around the world!

    Nippy stan for life!


  25. tramayne

    Sorry Toni, that was a fail talking about ‘The Voice’ like that. You are a veteran and you know better to talk about peers to the media when they are not being shown in a good light.

    U wouldn’t like it if Whitney dished to the media and gave you advice on how to not go bankrupt 2xs or how to sell records…..but see The Voice isn’t like that cause she don’t even do interviews that’s why the media and others stay pressed about her.

    Noone can say that Whitney is a mediawhore cuz she don’t even talk to the press, that’s the irony!

    I hope u do well with your new album but I’m staying on the sidelines re your album after this , not a good look at all.

    Look at your peer Monica-now she is a die hard Nippy fan- she stay stanning for The Voice through good and bad times that is why she and Whit are true friends! Like Monica always says, There will NEVER be another Whitney’
    Go Mo!


  26. laurie

    WTF! Toni, you did not try to give Whitney advice did you! She is a ledgend, ICON, don’t make any mistake about it and what I hear her singing on youtube this last week all your weak tea divas better stfd when she gets back home but really Toni, really not good for you to make any comments like these about Whit, a simple, ‘Whitney will be fine’ would have sufficed!


  27. elchica

    Um wtf will you all grow up Toni said nothing bad about Whitney Houston. She was right in everything she said, she said it in a respectful manner! She is a grown woman she doesn’t have to bite her tongue. Could she have skiiped over the Whitney questions…yes but then you all would be ranting about her ignoring it!

    Toni Braxton knows what she is talking about, critics have said it, fellow singers have said it….maybe Whitney should have waited a little bit longer or spaced out her tour so that she won’t be over stressing her vocal cords!


  28. Oh Please

    The Whitney fans want everything sugar coated. So what if she answered the question honestly? It wasn’t even negative what she said. Get over it.


  29. blake

    I love toni so much ever since i was little her album is good by the way support her and leave her alone about the whitney comment.Yall just love to talk mess she grown she can give her opinion goodness


  30. No fear

    Love her


  31. Diane

    Toni went foul on Whitney. The comment was not necessary. Didn’t her mama teach her that if she doesn’t have anything nice to say then don’t say nothing? I am forever Team Whitney. She’s jealous because she can’t sellout an international tour. Calling all Whitney fans to boycott Toni’s CD.


  32. kimya norene

    Yes Toni has lost touch and is having a hard time finding her way with talent…so she is coming back half dressed.stealing from Cassie..Rhianna..Kerri Hilson and she is being left in the dust..now with Nicki Minaj…she doesnt stand a chance..its sad because the Vegas gig should have paid her for her work..and then she embarrassed her husband by the lack of respect kissin on trey songs..her husband being exploited..she exploiting her self..so she wants to deflect on Whitney…Whitney has always left Toni in the dust and even now..she is selling out 10,000 tickets on average in her tour over in Europe..Toni cud never do that..doesnt have what Whitney got on Whits challenged days..Whits tour is a success..and haters need to stop..do the research for yourself..dont listen to haters..Whit has 30 years singing in the bizzness and she is not going to sound like a teenager just like Michael didnt sound like Bieber..The truth is in longevity not in gossip and hate..30 years Toni..what else do you have to offer ..shame on you.Whit fans love her..u cant change that!!!!.Put your clothes back on and find your identity.


  33. deno

    What did Toni say about Whitney that was actually bad? Honestly people, get over it. Whitney’s voice is so well for several reasons that is known only to Whitney and her team. i am a huge fan of both artistes. You would really ask people to boycott someone’s album because she made a comment that was in no way harmful to you or Whitney Houston for that matter? Whitney has sold more albums than Toni thats true. Toni gets a lot of flack for her dress and hair. I’m sure I don’t need to remind anyone here that Toni actually pioneered these looks and has always dressed this way. And so what if she wants to show off a little sexy while performing her videos. Both women are timeless. Honestly, you would actually compare Toni Braxton’s music to Nicki Minaj? I love Nicki but Toni Braxton is a self made woman who has had struggles and set backs.I thought as a woman you would understand and actually show some level of empathy. Wow.


  34. deno

    Toni’s song is called WHY WON’T YOU LOVE ME? Not WHY DON’T YOU LOVE ME?


  35. kimya norene

    The point is that Toni should have declined to comment like any other artist who knows how to respect another..since she took the low road she left herself exposed to her very own weakness..she simply appears to be desperate and hustling the industry and singing younger than she is..the reference to Nicki is to showcase where female singers/rappers are headed..they are not seeking another Keri/Ciara/Cassie…its Beyonce or Nicki or Gaga…Toni is way beyond this or should be..if anything she could have gone the jazz or neo soul route..hangin out with Trey and the youngsters is not going to work…Whitney has every right to meet her fans as is no matter what her challenges might be..the point is Whitney has fans..more than Toni and since Toni chose to comment on WHit..well she kind of left herself open for criticism..I am a Whitney fan ..not a Toni fan..but I do respect her an apologize if I was harsh..I didnt like her comment on Whit.30 years of Whit yields dedicated fans..


  36. kimya norene

    Listen to what she says..she contradicts herself..she first says the media is NOT being to harsh..when THE MEDIA is being to harsh..then she calls herself a fan and starts judging how and the way Whit should have done it…How arrogant and uninformed and wishy washy..notice she said nothing about Beyonce..why? hmmmm? clearly Beyonce rules in female category…she is bumpin Gaga and some unknown act..just twisted…shut up already..I hope her cd sales and she gets her settlement from Vegas..but Whit fans have every right to be offended..we love Whit “as is” without judgement..Toni is dishin out just like the article reads..bad move..Whit is a LEGENDARY DIVA and will wrap circles around Toni


  37. Orville

    I think people are being extra sensitive! Give me a break! Toni didn’t say anything bad about Whitney she was being honest!

    Fans across the world are walking out of Whitney Houston’s concerts because girlfriend’s voice is tore up! I think Toni’s advice was fair and honest. Toni respect’s Whitney but she is right Whitney should of toned it down a bit she should have just done a few concerts not a blow out tour.

    Whitney’s voice is shot and this is a fact!


  38. Gene

    Orville, clearly you and Toni are ill-informed! Whitney’s voice is NOT shot and had you remembered Whitney’s 2009 performances on AMA’s, Oprah, X-Factor Italy and her Moscow concert in Dec not to mention most recently her 2010 concert performances in Rome and Milan then you couldn’t objectively have written what you did. When you listen closely to Toni, she’s saying that Whitney isn’t delivering, that she didn’t know how tough concert touring might be and that she isn’t ready for touring and should’ve done random shows. That’s extremely disrespectful and patronizing of Toni. Kimya Norene hit the nail on the head, Toni should have declined to comment.


  39. KB

    I love the album. It’s real music and it’s a great fusion of uptempo and midtempo tracks. My favorites are Hands Tied, Make my heart, Wardrobe and Pulse(also Caught and The wave if you have the deluxe version). I saw her comment on Whitney (and that is one of 3 of my favorite artist in the whole world ever, besides Janet and Brandy). I give Toni a pass on this one, because I see that she meant nothing by it. Toni has a very direct and fun approach and she wasn’t being cruel guys! I know my fellow Whitney fans want to get her, but Toni doesn’t deserve it. Go support the album and let’s bring real music back! It’s Toni!


  40. brandy

    i understand some of you people get up set
    about” toni braxton. i am toni braxton fan.
    but i don’t go alone what she said about whitney
    houston. but she not the anyone talk about people
    maybe she just want to sale. so look at keri hilson
    but she dissed beyonce and ciara. but keri hilson
    her album being to sell. nobody said thing about
    beyonce dissed on jennifer lopez and briney spears
    janet jackson and michael jackson and Lindsay Lohan. same thing gose to jamie foxx. who else
    natalie cole talk about whitney houston on drugs.
    look what to happen tiffany evans. this girl can
    sing. after she promote her album. she said negative
    about rihanna is the devil worshipper.
    I just think about toni braxton and tiffany evans.
    they need to be careful what they says about people.
    my favorite artists this years is ciara hopefully” she make a big comeback. really it hardly no female artists out thier. my opinion i’ll think male artists is getting even better then womens.
    it’s so many male artists i like listen to maxwell his songs so sick, usher and mario and brain macnight. some of you womens need to support
    each other stop fuss about money. nobody ain’t Special!


  41. kimya norene

    Yes…and Toni album had less than impressive sales…so bad that the tour is suspect…bottom line?..if you cant say anything positive..dont say anything at all…Toni will still have a 500K year with the modest sales and touring…the music bizzness is simply not the same anymore..and her flappin her jaws about Whit wasnt even worth it..lesson 2 be learned…never hate on a DIVA…Whit has 3 decades in the bizzness and a huge amount of fans resulting in a successsfull 400K sales platinum 2010 cd and sold out concerts abroad…Toni needs to be more careful…she owes Whit an apology and Whits fans are loyal cuz Whit is loyal!!!


  42. WINTER

    LOVE everything about Toni and her new album is a banger…her best in years. and I loved this interview. Get em Toni


  43. kimya norene

    Toni what when and who?…the proof is in the pudding…its been 4months and where is that cd and tour? and sales?…there was no reason for her to ever comment on Whitney…Whitney is WHitney…love her or leave her alone!!…all is 4given ms braxton…next time be a little bit wiser!!


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