Video: Sade – ‘Babyfather’


Sade is one hot mama in the video for “Babyfather,” the second single from the band’s platinum album Soldier of Love. The 51-year-old mother of one cooks, cleans, and drives a truck full of sweets in the vibrant and refreshing Sophie Muller-directed clip, which features a cameo from her own daughter Ila Adu.

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  1. Sade

    She’s so pretty


  2. Tebogo

    Is she pretty!!I lurve lurve Sade and her music keeps me goin.


  3. Machiko

    This s my fav song of ALL TIME! The video made me cry. So beautiful.


  4. Baron

    Yeah girl, whip out that sex appeal on ‘em! Classy but sexy.


  5. brett vance

    yea man this the joint right here. picked this one back in Jan-Feb as the best cut from the album. and yea man SADE looks amazing man. and she is 55


  6. Mike

    Wow, i cannot believe that she is 51, incredible.

    There is something so refreshing about this song and video.


  7. Eva

    That’s my Girl SADE!


  8. ItsOscarYO

    She’s is such a beautiful person, in and out.


  9. warren

    it,s great seeing Sade back. I was waiting for this for i0 years and had a conversation with her in John Lewis where I worked.


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