Video: Betty White Reps for Jay-Z in ‘SNL’ Promos

Kristen Wiig and Betty White

Betty White shouts out her Marcy Projects homie Jay-Z (or Jays as she calls him) in the new hilarious promo clips for “Saturday Night Live.” The 88-year-old actress will host and Jay-Z will perform for the third time on this weekend’s show. And if we’re lucky, we may even see the two appear together in a sketch.

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  1. Lindsay

    I can not wait, she is just too cute and Jay is always on point.


  2. headphones

    awwww betty! i’m def gonna watch snl this weekend lol


  3. Rhino

    OK, place your bets as to which to tracks “Jays” is gonna do.

    My money’s on “Empire State of Mind” and “Young Forever”. (though “On to the Next One” might replace YF, I don’t see ESM getting bumped-it’s the biggest hit of his career!)


  4. Baron

    I think he’ll do “Young Forever” and a new track. “Empire State” is great but I feel it’s run its course. Maybe Beyonce will come on stage for “Venus v. Mars?”


  5. JD

    I grew up watching her on the Golden Girls i simply cannot wait to see her!!!!


  6. Will

    LMFAO!!!!! Betty White is funny hahahahahaaa. Im def tuning in on saturday i kno its gonna be hilarious.


  7. Giselle

    I love this lady! She’s so cute, and funny. SNL is gonna have HUGE ratings this weekend.



    @ Baron… Dat would be so hott!!! especially since thats my fav song off da album and beyonce’s voice on it is riduculous


  9. coco

    IT’s jay-Z and betty white. So Why ya bring beyonce up`? nobody wants so see her face.


  10. Mike

    The last skit was the best, “Your very sweet Jay-Z”, lmao. I’m definitely watching it this weekend.


  11. Trey

    BETTY & JAY-Z!!!!


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