Behind the Video: Alicia Keys – ‘Un-thinkable (I’m Ready)’

Alicia Keys and Chad Michael Murray

Alicia Keys takes on interracial dating in the past and present in the video for “Un-thinkable (I’m Ready),” the third single from The Element of Freedom. The powerful clip, which premieres May 12 on VEVO, was directed by Jake Nava and co-stars actor Chad Michael Murray as Alicia’s love interest.

“Alicia is a true artist and I was very pleased that she was brave enough to go with this unusual concept. Together I believe we have done something new and important,” said Nava. “I hope people are entertained by this video, but that it also makes them think. Alicia was a joy to work with. I love her music and aimed to enhance her visual impact in the marketplace.”

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  1. Dwayne

    i cant wait to see the video looks amazing


  2. Fuckkerihilson

    Cant wait to see this video..Just by looking at this preview I understand the concept of this video. This was a great concept for a great song..

    A Black woman dating a white man, doing the unthinkable!!

    Lets go Alicia Keys!


  3. g3

    cant wait to see it song is hot


  4. Gin

    wow, this should be really good. I like where she took the concept.





  6. Missingbeyonce

    Wow look amazing jake always bring it love u ms keys


  7. headphones

    great concept! i’m excited 4 this video :)


  8. Phoenix_Wright

    The song sounds like it just about taking a step further into a relationship, like having sex. And she looks like she flipping that with the storyline of th video.


  9. R00

    Sounds and looks amazing. I like this song a lot.


  10. Kenzi

    So far, I’ve heard about 3 different meanings of the song. I first thought it was about having an affair, then someone else said sex, and then interracial dating…so who knows…It’s still a damn good song either way LOL


  11. Baron

    The lyrics could definitely read as a woman wanting to initiate a relationship with someone who’s not the ideal choice for a variety of reasons, marriage being one of them.

    But it’s interesting that she’s spinning this into an interracial love story. Very nice!

    I still want “Put it in a love song” though.


  12. viewer

    “A Black woman dating a white man, doing the unthinkable!!”
    that’s soooooo unthinkable:

    Robert de Niro – married to a black woman
    David Bowie – married to a black woman
    Halle Berry (who’s half white by the way) – has a baby with a white guy
    bob marley – white father, black mother
    the list goes on and on


  13. tzondo

    CHAD MICHAEL MURRAY, him and channing tatum are the finest white guys i have EVER seen and i think not only is it smart for alicia to use him but… she is super gorgeous and he is so fine, together it’ll be intensely hot!!! *squeals* *sighs* i think i love her more and thats saying something cause i LOVE alicia lol i was hyped for it because this is my favourire alicia song and was disappointed when she said drake wasnt gonna be in it, but this has just got me excited lol i’m a mess


  14. Rachel

    Woo Chad Michael Murray, he’s hot.


  15. Tia

    wow, thats cool. i didn’t expect that. can’t wait to see the video.


  16. alicia's a homewrecka

    this heffa is so boring…career suicide.


  17. nicole

    okay if you don’t alicia keys @alicia’s a homewreka why are you commenting on her video? anyway can’t wait to see this video, with chad micahel murray


  18. musicatedone

    This is just a dynamic song period. The song itself has so many meanings it is easy for almost any listener to relate.


  19. Izzie

    CMM is so unbelievably gorgeous


  20. Kris

    I hate CMM. Couldn’t they have picked someone better? Are there no other white men in LA?
    Alicia looks beautiful though. She’s so great.


  21. George Walls

    This song by Alicia Keys is going to be another big hit for her. I am a guy and I like this song. I think about this song and then I think about the two females that broke my heart. But then again I broken four girls hearts. Anyway, I love this song and I love Alicia Keys. Alicia is a marvelously talented artist. I also respect her.

    As I said commented on youtube, I “Try sleeping with with a broken heart,” every night. However, I still cannot get over those two girls that broke my heart. The first time I broke a girl’s heart was in grammar school. I guess karma came back. But, remember this: I am the male version of Alicia Keys and Keyshia Cole because I am tired of heartbreak and I think girls should love guys for their inside not the outside appearance. The other reason I’m the male version of Keyshia and Alicia is, I experience too many girls liking me for my looks, but Alicia and Keyshia are very nice, caring, and intelligent women. I like women who are smart, nice, cool, and friendly like them.
    They are decent looking too.


  22. Scott Houston

    I love Alicia Keys and Im acksing you Alicia Keys to marry me and
    have a family with me yes or no


  23. pa solar

    pa solar…

    [...] || Behind the Video: Alicia Keys – ‘Un-thinkable (I’m Ready)’[...]…

  24. brian

    love A. Keys..great video..good to see Chad in something..glad he came back for the final season of One Tree Hill..


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