Game and Diddy’s Albums Pushed Back

Game and Diddy-Dirty Money

The forecast for a couple summer releases is looking a bit hazy. Interscope labelmates Game and Diddy have bumped the release dates for their albums.

Game’s R.E.D. Album moves back two weeks from its original June 15 date, has learned. The disc, featuring the singles “Shake,” “It Must Be Me,” and the Justin Timberlake collaboration “Ain’t No Doubt About It,” will now arrive on June 29. It had been scheduled to go up against Drake’s Thank Me Later.

Diddy-Dirty Money’s Last Train to Paris will pull into the station a week later than expected on June 29, the same day as Game. The music mogul clears the way for his labelmate Eminem, whose Recovery album shared the original June 22 date. The trio’s T.I.-assisted single “Hello Good Morning” slides 64-82 in its fifth week on the Billboard Hot 100.

Other June 29 releases include Rick Ross’ Teflon Don and M.I.A.’s third album. Click here for an updated release schedule.

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    What is Ciara’s release date?


  2. Pinoy

    What’s new??!! Every album is getting pushed.


  3. paper

    Hell Yea!!!!!!!!!1111111111111111111111111
    game & diddy new album’s on 29 june very good officer ricky not gonna be numba uno hahahahahahahaha!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!1111111111111111
    and good idea
    game vs drake= drake gonna be sold out
    diddy vs shady vs jeezy= eminem gonna sold more than jeezy
    diddy vs game vs officer ricky= i hope game sold 10X more than khaled soldiers diddy & officer ricky


  4. joshua

    game is lame…none of those singles of his are going to blow up. the jt collabo is a fail at crossover…ross, diddy, and game look pretty weak right now.


  5. James6UpNext

    I agree with a lot of the commentary, Shady is gonna dominate 6/22 regardless of the fact that I’m Not Afraid isn’t a Lose Yourself type record but tries to be. Game is having troubles mentioned above, Ross hasn’t picked up steam, but Puff is gonna do fine, Hello Good Morning is a banger


  6. Missingbeyonce

    The only rappers i like in the moment is shady.jay.t.i.jezzy others are so lame esp diddy


  7. Trey

    can’t wait til I listen to game’s album….”it’s gonna be triple-platinum” LMFAOOOOO I’M SOO DAMN WAITING FOR IT….all the singles I ear from it are just shit, stupid shit except one or two which are….ok-ok, very waiting for it…

    and bout Dirty Money…that’s gonna be FIRE, EXCELLENT i feel that



    The Game is the best Rapper in the wordl Your The Best Rap-up I’m from kosovo Goodbay The Game please coming in kosova please bws for life gggg-uuunnott G-unit fuck and 50 cent :D



    [...] brief update courtesy of… Diddy and the Game will be pushing back their album releases in the crowded month of June. [...]

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