Mariah Carey Wants You to Smell Like a Lollipop

Mariah Carey

Mariah Carey is taking you to the candy shop this summer. The “eternally 12” diva is bottling a sticky-and-sweet scent that will have lambs licking their chops.

Elizabeth Arden has announced Lollipop Bling as the name of Mariah’s latest fragrance, which is scheduled to hit stores in June, according to Reuters. The singer’s previous scents include M by Mariah Carey, Forever Mariah Carey, and Mariah Carey’s Luscious Pink. More are reportedly due this holiday season.

Mariah has a song on her latest album Memoirs of an Imperfect Angel called “Candy Bling,” and she received a diamond-studded Ring Pop from husband Nick Cannon for the couple’s second wedding anniversary.

A new perfume isn’t the only thing on Mimi’s plate. She has been in the studio working with Jermaine Dupri on a new studio album, as well as a collection of Christmas songs.

Spotted at MariahDaily

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  1. kuku

    who in this world should believe that this is mariah’s body?!
    girl, stop lying! we all know your hips and thighs…you dont do anything to hide it in your way to tight dresses, so you dont need to in your pictures!
    or is this from 1995, cause the 10 pounds silicon implants in her boobs are missing…


  2. mark

    this is from like 1999 !! I don’t think this picture is that photoshopped actually


  3. AAA

    Lol I’m bout to say cuz I know she didn’t loose all that wait that quick, smooth move mariah …lol smooooth move


  4. Ghetto Fab

    LMAO unless she took this picture in 1998 there is no way in HELL that is mariah’s body. Could they make the airbrushes anymore obvious?????


  5. ron.e

    you people are idiots. this photo was from her Rainbow album art in 1999 and is no way correlated or being used for the new perfume.


  6. JDollar

    I’m sure this fragrance will be successful. Memoirs was the most underrated album of 2009. I can’t wait to see what she puts out next.


  7. Mike

    For the idiots who say this can’t be Mariah, FYI this was from her Rainbow album photoshoot and she looked stunning back then. Not that she doesn’t look beautiful right now. But she had little weight issues.


  8. cash

    lol that pic is old. anyway, her perfumes always sell & numbers dont lie.


  9. nathan

    obviously some of you that are commenting are NO MARIAH FANS! this picture is from the Rainbow era!! come on now! the picture was turned into a poster when she toured in 1998/1999 with the cd! AND PLUS this picture is in the cd cover!! lets get the facts before we start to post! you imbeciels… =)


  10. LShea

    Is it just me or does her right arm and left hand look really strange? :/


  11. La'Quontessa

    uh uh miss mc… lollipop bling? chick needs to get it together- no more boring whisper songs about up out my face or eminem or any of this business. and the perfume title? here we go again miss charmbracelet glitter rainbow.. can u imagine saying ur wearin lollipop?


  12. Jasmine

    LOL you guys are hilarious! :D Actually, this photo is from her “Rainbow” lp, released back in 1999. She was at least 50 lbs lighter then…


  13. DRodriguez

    All of you are stupid, and need to stop hating on Mariah. This picture isn’t photoshopped, it’s her real body back in 1999 from the Rainbow album ya dumb @ss. BTW, super excited for the new album her & J.D. are working on! Always making them hits w/ J.D. :) HOWEVER, a Christmas album sounds kinda risky, hope she can pull this one off like she did with the first one. I got faith in you M.C. :)


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