Teairra Mari Sings Over Drake’s ‘Over,’ Bares Skin in Sexy Video

Teairra Mari

Teairra Mari tempts and teases her man over Drake’s “Over” beat. The R&B vixen flips the lyrics: “What are you doing?/ Oh yeah, that’s right, you’re doing me.” Judging from the sizzling photos from the Malibu set of the viral video, it’s going to be a hot summer.

Download: Teairra Mari – “Over” Freestyle

Teairra Mari Teairra Mari

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  1. BlackNLatin

    She is stunning!


  2. ßoogiee



  3. MB

    She looks amazing! If she lost about 2-5lbs more she would be PERFECT. She looks good now though too


  4. Lukas

    she’s a bitch but I like her


  5. Missingbeyonce

    She look sexy and the freestyle is hot but why shes doing rimexs she have an album coming out like next month she need to choose her first single and start to promoT her stuff


  6. Baller82

    she reminds me so much of Christina Milian… so hot!


  7. J. Man



  8. ThePleasurePrincipal

    If anybody don’t know, I’m like the biggest Janet Jackson fan ever and my url is: http://itsthepleasureprincipal.com and she said, “The Pleasure Principle, Janet Jackson on these niggas” LOVE IT…Automatically.


  9. LeShea



  10. Carl



  11. Carl

    and the freestyle is HOT!


  12. get em gurl

    Teairra goes hard there’s no denying her voice from her first single up to now. It’s good she keep going after hers cause I love her sound. On intense speakers this ish is FLAME!


  13. musicatedone

    Bad….and bad flow lol. If she get the right producers around her..she could really blow…and I mean urban…Salaam, Missy Elliot, Swizz, Danja etc..


  14. g3

    yea shes badd but thats it music career is down the toilet


  15. J. Man

    Her music carrer is not down the toliet she’s only 22 she’s has time 2 get it right #TEAMTEAIRRA


  16. g3

    i think not how many singles has she put out already like 5?? mmm yea very reassuring her & Cassie are on the same level lmao


  17. Klassy Young Lady

    Her body looks FANTASTIC!


  18. Phoenix_Wright

    Looks great.

    & that song wasn’t bad at all, she should of did 2 verses at least tho.


  19. RC

    Rico Love did miracles again..DAT FREESTYLE WAS FIYAHH let alone dat edible body!


  20. ...

    she looks phenomenal. beautiful girl, very underrated. i think she has the voice, sometimes her lyrical choices are a bit iffy, though. can’t wait to hear how her album turned out.


  21. Mic Check

    i love this woman @g3 your wrong i agree with j.man on this 1 she has really only put out sponsor and cause a scene cause hunt 4 you was only promotional that helped her get a deal with warner bros shes very underated and just like with the rest of the underdogs her time will come.


  22. Kyle

    She is SO ON POINT lately I don’t even know what else to say. She can give any R&B chick a run for their money.


  23. Misty

    I’m beginning to really like this gurl! I just think she needs more support and promo, and there aren’t many African Americans *don’t mean the light skinned chicks that can pass as European* runnin’ it so I’m definitely gonna jump on the bandwagon on this one! She just needs people to give her a chance so I’ll see how her albums turn out! I guess I’m joinin’ #TeamTeairra lol. And for whoever who said she doesn’t stand a chance, she YOUNG and has a lot of time and room to grow. She’s lucky she started out early! Good Luck gurl! And pics look fierceee


  24. BowChickaWahWah

    This is the very first song I heard from her that impressed me.


  25. LaMont

    These are some very sexy pic! Where’s the video at?


  26. LaMont

    These are some very sexy pics! Where’s the video at?


  27. kekeluvsu

    @ LAMONT

    Fuck where the video where is the damn album. Folks have been waiting for a loooooooooooooong time and NOTHING.

    Teairra Girl this was good but seriously you need to step your game up and put out at least a mixtape or something. This is getting so old.


  28. Lil' Nello

    Song is pretty nice & I think Teairra really talented but underrated due to the fact of her coming out around the same time as Rihanna! Who she’s actually a better singer then to. Even though she’s more so rapping this & ain’t really bad at it! Plus she’s slightly better looking as evident from these pictures! To quote a line from the song I would love to do her & any man who wouldn’t want to is probably either gay or Teairra ain’t there type!
    PS- Sorry to bring up that comparison to but they are always going to be compared to each other whether they like it or not because of them both starting around the same time!


  29. Lil' Nello

    Where’s my comments?


  30. Lil' Nello

    Huh how come my ones before that wouldn’t show?


  31. drtash

    I don’t normally swear but DAYUMM!! F***!!!Now that’s a hot body..


  32. Jordyn.

    Oh how I love this woman. & I do mean woman because oh my has she grown into her own! This new album is going to be my workout album and its going to add to my classic collection. I hope she doesn’t put Cause a Scene on the album tho.


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