Kelly Rowland and Kim Kardashian Host Bachelorette Party for La La

Kelly Rowland, La La Vazquez, and Kim Kardashian

After shooting the video for “Commander” earlier this week in Los Angeles, Kelly Rowland hopped on a private plane and flew to Las Vegas with friends Kim Kardashian and La La Vazquez to celebrate La La’s upcoming wedding to Denver Nuggets forward Carmelo Anthony at TAO at The Venetian Resort-Hotel-Casino on Friday (May 7).

According to Robin Leach, the DJ played Kelly’s new David Guetta-produced single to get the party started. The girlfriends toasted the occasion and dished advice to the bride-to-be while dining at the Asian bistro.

Catch all the behind-the-scenes coverage from the “Commander” video shoot on Rap-Up TV. Plus, what can we expect from the Destiny’s Child diva’s new dance album and which rappers would she like to work with? Find out here.

Kelly Rowland, La La Vazquez, and Kim Kardashian Kelly Rowland

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  1. g3

    this has phony written all over it where is Ciara?? didnt she help Lala pick out her wedding dress tsk..tsk.. i knew they were fake


  2. gh

    Kelly looks soooooooooooooo BREATHTAKING! + I LOVE the fact that RAPUP is supporting her like this cause she is a bout to BLOW UP!


  3. Mike

    She looks weird with her hair pulled back like that. I never knew she was such good friends with La La & Kim.


  4. drtash

    Rap-up I’m really loving the Kelly coverage as of late, y’all keep us informed as to what’s going on with her from now on ya hear???Thanx guys. And she’s lookin gooooooooddd.


  5. Missingbeyonce

    Work it ms kelly lookin hot as usual


  6. L

    Damn Kelly look good right here…





  8. krystal

    well last time Ciara was seen was at LAX airport so i guess she was busy buh these two are fake & what is kelly wearing she look out of place from everyone else ehhh


  9. Muni

    KELLY all the way, LOVE THIS GIRL!!!!!!


  10. Ghetto Fab

    Kelly looks so cool. I love the outfit. She has the body to pull off anything. thanks Rap-Up for supporting her. She is truly on her way to the top!


  11. cata

    kelly looks like a dude w t f


  12. tell'em

    DAYMMMM Kelly looks good!!$$


  13. Really

    Stop lying. Kelly looks a mess. Sorry but be truthful. She should not do her hair like that. She should keep wearing that weave she has in her new video – that’s the best hairstyle she’s ever had.


  14. NikkiIsChillin

    All the ladies look lovely. Congrats to LaLa!!!


  15. loso

    No Kelly looks beautiful she should be a model. People who say different dont know what a model beauty looks like. Kelly should be a model.


  16. Lebo(CaribbeanBoi)

    My wifey looks so pretty !!!! Black Barbie


  17. JayRide

    `wheres ciara??? they besties


  18. Kayllaa

    haha haters much Kelly looks extremely pretty as always, u wish your body was that tight. How do u know there not friends I highly doubt your in there circle so hop off. I think its funny you have the time to diss her if you don’t like them then find something better to google LOZERS


  19. Deemy Tha Kid

    Ciara is best friends with LaLa so the reason why shes not there is more likely she doing her promotion for her new album or maybe shes overseas more likely. PPl dont jump to conclusions like that. Support Ciara and kelly’s projects when they drop.


  20. Popculturevulture

    I heart Kelly 1000%! Rap-up thanks for taking the lead and covering her! You rock! I will visit your site more often. You just landed a new reader. People will soon catch on to her talent and fabulosity! I think KR is absolutely gorgeous! Her physique and style are a stand out! Plus, she doesn’t have to retain a stylist as some other wannabe fashionistas! She’s her own woman, and I can’t wait for her album release! I loved her first single with David Guetta! Keep doing you Kelly!!! It’s about to payoff.


  21. TheVoiceOfReason

    Kelly looks great and very comfy. Keep the Kelly coverage coming!


  22. Stunning

    Kelly is so stunning, all of them look good and rap up you guys rock… Keep us glued to you with Kelly Rowland


  23. OMG

    What more can I say, she is beautiful and she has found new friends and new fans kept some old friends and fans she is in a new league she is the queen of the night. Kelly Rowland


  24. OMG

    What more can I say, she is beautiful and she has found new friends and new fans kept some old friends and fans she is in a new league she is the queen of the night. Kelly Rowland and I love her


  25. ciara101



  26. Dave

    Who cares if Ciara isn’t with them. Ciara don’t have to be up those 2 asses all the time, she does have an career you know. Anyway, Kelly looks nice, NATURAL & ALL! Her & Ci, should be friends. Especially since, she mentioned Ci’s name a while ago. I’d love that, they should do a song together too


  27. ciaramedlies

    this “party” was such a set-up, thank goodness CIARA didnt participate in this mess…smh


  28. OMG

    Ciara101 go kill urself I can comment as much as I want it aint ur blog


  29. Pv4


    [...] || Kelly Rowland and Kim Kardashian Host Bachelorette Party for La La[...]…

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