Video: Jay-Z x Betty White on ‘SNL’

Betty White and Jay-Z

Jay-Z performed a medley of his hits on the Mother’s Day edition of “SNL” hosted by Betty White. Roc Nation singer Bridget Kelly joined Jay on “Empire State of Mind” and Mr Hudson on “Young Forever,” which he dedicated to the “most incredible Betty White.” Unfortunately, the odd couple didn’t team up for any on-air sketches, but the episode was still the best of the season.

Videos via Mr. World Premiere

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  1. jacq



  2. Angelo

    Jay & betty rocks


  3. Mike

    Jay-Z always gives amazing performances. I saw him live back in March and it was the best concert i’ve gone to yet, the energy is incredible.


  4. Giselle

    This was like the BEST SNL ever! Betty was funny!


  5. BKfromTX

    Bridget Kelly for the win…as always.

    And props to HOV, goes without saying.


  6. Trey

    JAY && BETTY!!!


  7. jay

    Betty was great

    Jay-Z was good

    but why is shawn wearing a christ chain when he’s not even a christian or religious at that?


  8. Ghetto Fab

    Funniest SNL in a LONG TIME! I love the Manuel Ortiz Show skit. It featured the talkshow host and guests dancing to merengue lmao. The whole SNL show was classic. Betty & Jay Rock!


  9. sashaj

    That felt like i was watching a concert haaha Jay-Z is so sick


  10. Saad Akhtar

    ha that was sick. Bridget Kelly can belt!


  11. D-Lon

    Absolutely INCREDIBLE


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