20 Celebrities and Their Mothers

Beyoncé and mother

Some mothers play a big role in their children’s lives, like Tina Knowles, who designs outfits for her superstar daughter Beyoncé, or Ashanti’s momager, who also guides the career of her Grammy-winning daughter. Others choose to cheer for their famous offspring from the sidelines. Either way, all these moms share one thing in common: they’re their kids’ biggest fans.

In honor of Mother’s Day, check out our gallery of over 20 celebrities and the most important women in their lives. Happy Mother’s Day!

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  1. slims

    what about eminem and mother ?:))


  2. BowChickaWahWah

    Lmao @ slims


  3. Dizzle

    Wow T-Pain mums a G.I.L.F :D hehe


  4. Dillon_68

    Dang Ms. Tina, how can your husband cheat on a goddess like you, sexy a**…


  5. Pinoy

    Beyonce’s mother is a real milf.


  6. Missingbeyonce

    Beyonce mom is hot esp for her age but i must say the knowles women have bad taste in men tina maried matthew fugly beyonce maRied jay fugly solange saved her self by choosen a good lookin man thats why her son is cute


  7. mike

    How old is Brandy’s mother? She’s lookin hella fine!


  8. NikkiIsChillin

    Tina Knowles is so beautiful. Beyonce looks just like her. That’s such a cute pic of the two of them!


  9. LShea

    The looks of the husband/boyfriend, etc. matter least of all. Good-looking and ugly alike have the potential to be no-good. Smh Why did I even just address such a stupid idea? lol


  10. chris




  11. ...

    Damn, they can’t even celebrate Mother’s Day without someone hating, it’s about Mother’s Day, not who is famous or not, lamo!


  12. sandza

    okay wheres jackie harris?


  13. Stacy

    the ciara fans need to stop with these immature comments. she doesn’t have to be mentioned in every post. your obsession is unhealthy.

    this is a positive topic, stop weighing it down with negativity.


  14. drtash

    awwww….*calls mama*


  15. Meggy

    One who has christ (i.e bornagain) is one who is a celeb.Is any of them saved?,then dat’s d 1 dat should be talkd abt


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