Kanye West’s L.A. Crib Goes Up for Sale

Kanye's House

Kanye West is packing his Louis Vuitton trunks and moving out. The rapper has put his 3 bedroom, 3.5 bathroom Hollywood Hills home on the market for $3,995,000. The minimalistic, 4,214-square-foot residence features breathtaking views of Los Angeles, an aquarium in the bathtub, theater, closet akin to a designer boutique, and built-in computers to control the property.

Kanye has decorated his West Coast crib with artwork from Andy Warhol, Takashi Murakami, and even a life-sized Buzz Lightyear. He still owns a place in New York City, but has been spending most of his time in Hawaii lately recording his fifth studio album.

Take a tour of Mr. West’s modern pad below.

Source: The Real Estalker and Redfin

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  1. Khaanyea

    “3.5 bathroom”

    Umm… how?


  2. Jaelani

    That crib is fresh.


  3. me

    I want this house… but lifes so short that theres other gd or better places to live


  4. Yeezy

    @Khaanyea, It’s called a powder room. SMH


  5. Baller82

    this crib was used as kanye’s “Heartless” video…


  6. stellar2

    its soo futuristic, hahaha


  7. tell'em

    @ Khaanyea

    Yeezy is right. All bathrooms(or powder room) that don’t feature a tub and/or shower are considered .5 or a “half” bath.


  8. t.m.R

    Cool man, bt im short two million dollar, any discount’s?


  9. LShea

    Never would I pay so much money for so little. If I pay that much for a house, it’d better have a whole lot more. Better be a manor house on a lot of land, or something.

    [email protected]


  10. Khaanyea

    @tell’em – Thank you for clearing that up. :)

    @Yeezy – How rude! (This refers to your “SMH” remark) Some people don’t consider toilets half a bathroom. I also haven’t even heard the term “powder room” before. Don’t be so close minded.


  11. Pablo

    i’ve seen better for 1million


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