Video: Lil Jon f/ R. Kelly and Mario – ‘Ms. Chocolate’

Mario, Lil Jon, and R. Kelly

Lil Jon pays homage to the dark-skinned beauties in the video for “Ms. Chocolate,” his collaboration with R. Kelly and Mario from his Crunk Rock album, due June 8. The Mickey Finnegan-produced clip was shot in Kellz’ Chicago hometown and shows the King of Crunk in rare form.

“You ain’t never seen Lil Jon this clean, smooth, both R&B [and] hip-hop-ish,” he told “It reminds you of one of those old-school Hype Williams videos, where it’s just nice and polished.”

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  1. Really

    There are a lot of other beautiful chocolate girls they could have used in the video.


  2. piglet&poohbear

    There was only one attractive girl in that video, and she was not really dark – skinned, I’m disappointed in this video. There are alot of attractive dark women that could have been used, now everyone will see the unattractive girls that was used in this video and consider themselves to use this as a reason for not to like dark women, and just always go for red bones, like that singer mario. In real life that’s all he dates (red bones/exotic light skin ladies)


  3. fi

    funny how some people believe these three gentlemen would represent an intelligent black beautiful sister!


  4. cubevision

    if you put a decent rapper on this track this could have been a hit. lil jon makes noise not music


  5. GeeGee

    Uhhhh.. Lil’ Jon was not shirtless in that video as he promised.


  6. bijan

    This isn’t right. Lil Jon is out of his element with this kind of song, and he seems really awkward.


  7. BlackNLatin

    I agree with Fi


  8. DRE

    whats with the hate i never understand really i congrat thiese black men and not because of the music simply because they make good music and that they are not on the streets selling drugs or gang banging and also can we let the past go we all know abou tkells past its over now and yes im a huge r. kelly fan but only god can judge him and i agree lil jon does yell a lot but this is a cool chill song and who cares how beautiful the woman are all woman are beuatiful in there own way just because you dont believe they are beautiful doesnt mean they are not beautiful only god can judge somebody. so god bless everyone amd happy mothers day to all the moms in this world and i love this video and song!


  9. Lorin

    None of these chicks are thick.


  10. Alive

    I Think This Song And Video Was Awesome, Even Tho They Could Have Had More Darkskin Girls


  11. KLOSR

    wow 3 has beens collaborating lol!!


  12. nonowell

    I think the video and the song was great and the video was clean, nice song to dance to. No one said the girls had to be dark black and beauty is in the eye of the beholder quit looking for outer beauty and appreciate that they are dark and not high yellow. Give them some credit.


  13. MoD

    Love da song and video…..!!!7B…


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