Jeezy to Battle Drake on June 15

Young Jeezy

Jeezy hasn’t even announced an official first single yet, but he’s already moving up his album release.

The ATL rapper is giving the people what they want by rushing his fourth major label album TM103 into stores a week earlier than expected on June 15, has learned. He clears the way for Eminem’s Recovery on June 22 and now prepares to face off against Drake’s Thank Me Later on the new date.

Who will win the battle on the charts? Click here for an updated release schedule and vote below.

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  1. ThePleasurePrincipal

    Drake gonna win! I might just cop both.


  2. BowChickaWahWah

    I think Drake will win. Wow so much competition in hip hop this year. More than I’ve seen in the past few years.


  3. Whiz kid

    Drake is gonna win but after hearing Jeezys Trap 0r Die 2, ill be gettin both,;;then the following week Recovery. Hip hop is lookin good for the month of June…


  4. SarahKnight

    Jeezy is solid hardcore, drake is just fag who uses autotune!


  5. maylz*






  7. 2Trill

    Drake gone win but i think Jeezy smart for droppin the same day. Alot of people gone get both just like when Plies dropped his album the same day as Tha Carter 3 & got his best 1st week sales since every1 just got his album since they were awready gettin Wayne’s album.


  8. thank me later!!

    drizzy baby cant wait!!


  9. kanyeezy

    Drake will beat jeezy. Em will sell more then both combined.


  10. Nathi

    Drake’s gona win but his singles are both garbage while jeezy’s gona be straight hardcore


  11. F-Key

    F*ck Drake !!! He girl ^^

    Jeezy definitely win!

    Drake voice not comparable with jeezy !


  12. J

    hes an idiot whys he’s defniatley gonnna loose , doesn’t matter who’s “better” is he tryna create beef to hype up his album ?


  13. Snobunny

    Drake will win just because he’s got the blind lil girls after his ass. Shame though, because Jeezy deserves to win. He gets overlooked too much.


  14. Motto

    Y im i even up here telln yall JEEZY gone win, yall already know.


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