New Music: Jennifer Hudson & Leona Lewis – ‘Love Is Your Color’

Jennifer Hudson and Leona Lewis

Jennifer Hudson and Leona Lewis duet on a colorful collaboration for the Sex and the City 2 soundtrack (due May 25). The young divas restrain their powerful voices on the ballad, which is more Charlotte than Samantha.

Download: Jennifer Hudson & Leona Lewis – “Love Is Your Color”

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  1. Drey2R4U

    I love this. Great collab


  2. Angelo

    i love it without hear it…..


  3. fi

    poor leona. overrated and boring trying to break again and again.
    someone please tell her to sit down. this is a waist of simon’s time and money LMAO


  4. Jeffery J-Boe

    When You Put Two Of The Best Singers Like Jennifer Hudson, & Leona Lewis Together, You Get A Masterpiece… I Love This Song Already, and It Kind Of Sounds Like An R&B Version Of “True Colors” By Cyndi Lauper, But It’s Still Sounds Good… Jennifer Hudson, & Leona Lewis For 2010.


  5. Johnny

    They did a great job!



    @ J-Boe, you couldn’t have said it any better. This is truly a masterpiece that will stand the test of time in R&B. Really good song and well put together and recorded.


  7. BowChickaWahWah

    Wow this was really really really good! =D


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